17 Perks Of Having A Winter Boyfriend


1. They have an amazing collection of warm comfy clothes to choose from. Cozy sweaters, extra-large sweatshirts to cuddle up in, the most comfortable sweat pants ever. Winter boyfriends honestly have the best closets out of any other boyfriends, imo.

2. EXTRA BODY HEAT. Seriously, steal that shit.

3. You have someone to binge watch the next season of House of Cards with.

4. When you get chilly and turn into a lil sloth in a blanket you can politely ask your winter boyfriend to make you hot cocoa. Extra kisses for extra marshmallows.

5. SNOWBALL FIGHTS. Boop them with a snowball then end the fight with some cuddles. Way better than having a snowball fight with anyone else.

6. Someone to always join you when you want to drink hot toddies next to a soothing fire on a cold winter night.

7. You have someone to do all the typical cheesy holiday stuff with and not feel like a loser for being a sad single. You can go to a NYE party and have someone to kiss at midnight or not feel awkward when you end up under some mistletoe.

8. When there’s nothing to do outdoors because  it’s too cold you always have someone to keep you company. Whether you’re picking a new show to binge watch together on Netflix, making some yummy comfort food together or ya know, having hot sex you’re forever entertained allllll season long.

9. Someone to take endless winter naps with. You and your winter boyfriend can lie together in the comfort of your flannel pajamas while the snow falls and be like two little bears hibernating.

10. Having someone to protect you from the extra chilly wind if you happen to be outside. Isn’t there anything sadder than watching a couple hug it out while waiting for a cab while you’re there shivering and trying to hug yourself?

11. Having someone to either make baked goods for, or that will bring you many baked goods to you for endless crunching and munching.

12. Going to all the ugly sweater parties together and doing cheesy things such as wearing matching or complementary outfits.

13. Speaking of parties, there will be tons and tons to go to during the winter and you won’t be left at the singles table at family events. Or worst of all, at work Holiday parties.

14. Guys generally like to grow their hair longer in the winter which means more beard for you. And you can never go wrong with more beard.

15. Having someone who will constantly listen to you complain about the weather, without judgment. Especially if you’re one of those people who is always cold.

16. Going on day or weekend trips to cabins where the two of you can just be together and do romantic things like skiing or sitting in a jacuzzi in the middle a snow-filled surroundings which Christmas music in the background.

17. Not having to survive yet another polar vortex alone. Because really, nobody should have to face this frozen tundra all alone. So go find yourself a winter boyfriend and keep each other warm through the short days and long nights!