25 Wake Up Calls That Remind You You’ve Entered Adult Life


Cue “What’s My Age Again?” Actually, cue any Blink-182 song and it will probably suffice. Here are 25 things that will inevitably make you ask, “Am I really old enough for this?”
  1. The first time you have to book (and pay for) your ticket home for the holidays.
  2. When your first friend gets married. Not when your older sibling gets married, or your sibling’s best friend, but when your first close friend ties the knot.
  3. When you manage to regurgitate the information your dad told you about a 401(k) and pass it off like you know what you’re talking about.
  4. Paying your own rent and utilities, when it comes out of your hard-earned money, not money someone put in your bank account.
  5. When crying doesn’t get you out of a speeding ticket. It’s weird that we can’t use the “I just got my license” line because that hasn’t been true for 7+ years.
  6. Getting your own health insurance. Look down at your insurance card. Does it have your family’s name on it, or your company’s? If it’s the latter, feel free to freak out.
  7. When your metabolism starts to slow down and you realize you actually aren’t hungry all the time.
  8. Booking your first vacation sans parents.
  9. When you pass by your old high school and the freshman look like toddlers.
  10. The first time you have to book your own dentist appointment.  BTW, your parents made you brush your teeth because cavities are obscenely expensive.
  11. Buying bleach.
  12. Actually being able to step in and buy your parents a cup of coffee, or lunch, and not just because it’s their birthday.
  13. When someone over the age of 40 tries whatever appetizer you brought and says, “You must give me that recipe.” (The only time this has ever happened to me was with my spinach and artichoke dip at a holiday party. I was too embarrassed to tell the woman that reason it’s so good is because I use an unhealthy amount of cream cheese.)
  14. Facing the realization that you will not end up with your high school sweetheart. Unless of course you’re married to your high school love, in which case, God bless.
  15. Breaking down and buying your own gym membership, instead of just using your mom or dad’s because you look enough alike.
  16. Deleting Snapchat because it’s a waste of time. Let’s be clear, you’re going to download it again in 3 weeks, but that’s okay.
  17. Checking the weather before you leave the house and remembering to wear layers.
  18. Reminding other people that it’s going to get cold so they should probably wear layers. This could also be a sign that you’re becoming a control freak, but I’m going to call it “adulthood” instead.
  19. Getting your first paycheck with a comma in it.
  20. Realizing that your first paycheck with a comma in it has to last you two weeks and pay your rent.
  21. Taking out a loan to buy a car/television/XBOX.
  22. Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party.
  23. Signing up for a frequent flyer card, or having a frequent flyer number. (I really have no idea what the right terminology for this is because I haven’t quite checked this one off the list.)
  24. Hosting Thanksgiving.
  25. Getting a call, email or text from someone in college, because they think you might actually be able to give them advice.
image – Edward Conde