17 Reasons Olivia And Fitz (Olitz) Are Actually The Worst Couple Of All Time


1. To start with the obvious – they both cheat or have cheated on their significant others so they could be together. I don’t know about anyone else but surely the karma that will follow you around for doing that can only lead to a terrible result.

2. Olivia who is otherwise the gladiator in charge, acts like a complete idiot around Fitz. We all know or have known a friend or acquaintance who is in a terrible relationship that makes them a terrible person, but can’t walk away because of you know, “passion and love.” Olivia is that person. Sorry, what about respect and integrity? The person you’re with should make you better, not worse.

3. Fitz is emotionally and verbally abusive to Mellie especially. (Not to mention he’s a murderer.) I’m sorry but when someone is about to lead you to the gates of hell itself, maybe it’s time to forget about being a ride or die?

4. Neither Olivia nor Fitz appear to be particularly happy people on their own, and you know what they say? Misery loves company. Alas, here they both are.

5. Their attachment to each other is disturbing to any reasonable person. And we need to talk more about the disconcerting notion of the paternalism and policing of Olivia and what she does, by Fitz. It’s actually just really creepy.

6. How can a love survive that is ultimately built on the tiredness one has with his wife (even after it was his own father that raped her which caused her to feel distant); and the neediness of the other who wants another person for their emotional brokenness. In your own words Olivia, “You have nothing. You have a pile of secrets and lies and you’re calling it love.”

7. Olivia once said something along the lines of wanting “complicated, difficult love.” If that doesn’t tell you about how incredibly twisted her ideas about love are, as well as the man that she loves, I really don’t know what does.

8. The glorification of the side-chick in Olivia and the “poor cheating man with a bitch of a wife” is really, really annoying. Sorry, #teamMellie and #teamJake. Actually, forget that, #teamnobody. Every single person in this show is a murderer. Sheesh.

9. Olitz are emotional cutters with their constant need to know what the other is doing when they are “not together.” I’ve always been told you have to try to forget about someone (at least for a while) to actually you know, forget about them.

10. The constant on again, off-again is so tiresome and exhausting. At first, it was cute but now it’s just boring and trite. No one needs to be in that sort of drama for goodness sake.

11. If they ever do end up together, they’ll probably a.) Need lots of therapy and/or b.) Be over in a hot minute because I think the thing that really keeps them “together” in their hot mess of a “relationship” is that they’re not really in one.

12. They make cheating and forbidden love seem desirable when let’s be real – their constant bickering and “longing” just looks pathetic. Don’t tell me if either of them were your friends you wouldn’t try and talk some sense into them.

13. Their silence/heavy-breathing “one minute” thing is really, really painfully inane; talk about trying too hard. I know silence between lovers can be beautiful but the theirs just comes across as tedious.

14. Olivia and Fitz are virtually on the verge of tears in every other scene because of the “undying passion” they have for each other. Some people would call this emotional instability but you know, whatever.

15. They prance around like a bunch of horny teenagers without any self-control. Seriously, is this supposed to be an “adult relationship?”

16. They constantly let their relationship affect their work, which is a little worrying considering one is supposed to be a high-profile “fixer” and the other is you know, the president! (Has Fitz even passed any meaningful legislation since the show started?)

17. Because in the end, this relationship has got Romeo and Juliet written all over it. And I don’t mean in the sense of “a love story.” No, no, no. But in the sense of two people who are going to have a completely disastrous ending all in the name of “forbidden love.” What a joke.

Still, here’s to another season of their hot-mess relationship (probably). I’ll be needing Olivia-sized glasses of red wine to get through it.

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