17 Struggles Every Perpetual Daydreamer Experiences


1. Showers are a hot, wet getaway for your mind. You could spend hours standing under the shower head, staring off into space. 90% of your shower time is spent daydreaming, the last 10% is you realizing how long you’ve spent in the shower without putting any soap on.

2. You temporarily fall in love with strangers all the time. You make eye contact with one person on the subway, and by the time you’ve reached your stop you’ve planned out how you’re gonna introduce them to your parents.

3. You occasionally miss out on important information from time to time. Tiny details tend to go over your head. You’re not worried about it.

4. You turn daily activities into movie moments when you’re listening to music.

5. You get tense and twitchy when you’re forced to pay attention to something boring for a long time.

6. Aimless walks are a mini vacation for your brain. There is nothing more relaxing than putting away your phone and eliminating all access to Google Maps, so you can just explore.

7. That goes for long car rides too. Expansive stretches of empty country road, winding mountain drives, leafy forest treks—mindless journeys, no matter how long, with pretty sceneries are a dream.

8. Sometimes that makes you somewhat of a distracted driver. Good thing anyone who’s in the car with you knows to act as a back-seat driver.

9. You have no sense of direction. You’re never really paying attention to where you’re going, so “using landmarks” to find your way back is a waste of time. You could be living somewhere for years and still not truly trust yourself to get around.

10. You’re phenomenal at storytelling. You know when to dramatically pause, you know when to wave your arms around for humorous effect—it’s like a recreational career for you.

11. Your friends know to never get offended when you blankly stare at them and accidentally walk by in public. You’re not ignoring them, you’re just completely lost in your own world. It literally can take someone waving their hand in front of your face before you snap out of it.

12. You think about potential futures with your crush. You’re a lot braver, bolder, and wittier with your pick-up lines in your own head than in reality.

13. It’s rare that you can put your 100%, undivided attention into watching a movie or binge-watching tv.

14. You also struggle reading boring material. You’ll catch yourself staring at one page for hours, as your thoughts wander away to more exciting and interesting things.

15. You need to sit by the window. Always. It’s just so much easier to daydream when you can stare out into space without worrying someone will think you’re staring at them.

16. You tend to just scroll through listicles without really reading them. Once you reach the comment section, you find yourself asking, “wait, what did I just read?”

17. Nothing—nothing—is better than when a scenario you’ve imagined in your head hundreds of times happens in real life.