9 Signs You’re So Not Ready For It To Be Fall


1. You’re still buying summer flavored everything.

When you buy beer, you’re purchasing the summer shandy, and not because it’s on sale, but because you still want it to be summer. When you go to Starbucks you see the giant poster of the pumpkin spice latte, but you’re still ordering the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher. As far as you’re concerned, pumpkin can wait.

2. You wear shorts even when it’s cold.

You’re going to wear shorts as long as you possibly can. You won’t wear pants until there’s snow on the ground.

3. Your apartment or house is still decorated for summer.

Your friends have pumpkins on their front porch, and autumn leave stickers on their windows, but your apartment is still sporting its blow up palm tree, and you’re in no rush to take it down.

4. You’re still eating and cooking summer dishes.

You love the refreshing taste of a juicy watermelon, and you’re obsessed with making that summer seafood salad, so when your friends start making acorn squash soup and pumpkin pie, you feel a tad out of the loop.

5. You hate going to the mall.

Because all of the stores are selling fuzzy warm sweaters when it is still 90 degrees outside. All the tank tops are on sale, which is a plus, but they’re either stained, ripped, or not in your size.

6. You feel old when college kids go back to school.

How many years has it been since I graduated? Fall makes you remember the answer to that question, and it makes you miss your years of themed parties, all nighters, and drinking beer upside down from a keg.

7. Fall festivities make you miss summer.

Pumpkin picking, Oktoberfest, sweater weather, all of the things that people normally get excited about for fall just make you miss summer. Your friends don’t understand how you’re not enjoying pumpkin flavored everything, but you just want to lay by the pool with a nice cold lemonade.

8. You’re not thinking about your Halloween costume.

While all of your friends have thought about, and most likely know, what they want to be for Halloween, you’re still denying it’s September and that October is just around the corner.

9. You don’t believe the season has changed until the date officially indicates it.

You know the date when fall begins, and until the calendar tells you that day is currently happening, it’s still summer. You tell everyone that, and they are so sick of hearing it, but you know you’re right. Then when that day actually comes, you become extremely sad because you can no longer use it as an excuse.