17 Ways To Tell If You’re Somewhat Successful At Being An Adult


It’s time to grow up, and you feel like you’ve got your shit together…sort of. But maybe that “sort of” is the best part about adulthood. Life would be a lot easier if you just embraced the years spent in identity limbo along with all of your childish tendencies. As long as you’re somewhat successful at being an adult, you’re winning in my book.

1. You take your vitamins (even if they are the gummy kind.)

2. You attempt to floss every so often, but not regularly. That shit is tedious.

3. When you run out of toilet paper you actually put on a new roll instead of leaving it in the immediate vicinity of the toilet. Except sometimes you actually just leave it sitting on top of the empty cardboard.

4. You have bedding that you’re proud of. Most of the time no one actually sees it because you rarely ever make your bed, but that’s beside the point.

5. You complete most of the things on your “to do” list. Bonus points if you’ve actually created a physical list and aren’t just mentally checking things off in your head.

6. You’re organized. Even if your version of organized means that your living space is a complete disaster, but you still know where literally everything is. That’s what I like to call an organized mess.

7. You go grocery shopping. So what if cereal, peanut butter, and pizza rolls are all staples in your cabinet? No one is judging.

8. Coffee has become a constant in your life. It might be iced coffee with more cream and sugar than actual coffee, but caffeine is caffeine and most adults require it to function, right?

9. You drink responsibly. If that means drinking excessively then chugging water and popping Advil before bed, then so be it!

10. You remember people’s birthdays (thank you Facebook, iCalendar, etc. for preventing us from seeming like awful people.) Because, let’s be real, that’s the only way you’ll ever remember.

11. You’re really great at expressing your emotions. Keep in mind that screaming loudly, crying uncontrollably, and lashing out inexplicably are all forms of expression.

12. You have patience. You can wait on line at Five Guys for at least 10 minutes without complaining (as long as there’s free peanuts.)

13. Coming prepared is important to you. That’s why you always bring your big bag to the movies. No way are you paying an obscene amount for popcorn and a drink. Thinking ahead!

14. Maintaining your appearance is something you do well. Whoever invented dry shampoo so that you don’t have to wash your hair every day is a goddamn genius. Seriously.

15. You work well under pressure. This is exactly why you save that huge paper for the night before it’s due. It’s amazing how much more efficient you are when you procrastinate!

16. You are great at managing your money. You always purchase things on sale…even if you go shopping every time there’s a sale.

17. You can take responsibility for your actions. You are perfectly capable of sincerely apologizing for being late to/blowing off an event. The fact that you decided to binge watch your favorite series on Netflix instead is irrelevant…Sorry not sorry.