17 Worst Times To Start A USA Chant


Found on r/AskReddit.

1. USA! USA!

When being asked by an angry Mexican gangster “What you looking at esse?”

2. USA! USA!

While watching a documentary about Hiroshima/Nagasaki next to your Japanese wife.

3. USA! USA!

At the funeral of an entire Yemeni wedding party.

4. USA! USA!

Sigh, I believe I started one at the worst time possible.

I was unbelievably drunk one night. Drunkest I’ve ever been. This whole night is filled with unfortunate events.

On to the chant.

I was at a Dominos at about 2am getting a pizza. The bars had just closed so there was quite a few people in this place. I’m having an awesome time and for whatever reason decide to high five everyone in the place.

Ok, look, I know this is terrible but I’m answering the question honestly.

I came across a couple of middle eastern guys who wouldn’t high five me. Something about not doing that in their culture. I then called them terrorists and started a USA chant in the middle of this dominos. Everyone joined in on the chant.

So here are a couple of ME guys trying to get a fucking pizza late at night and there are 20 drunk assholes chanting USA AT them.

God I’m horrible.

5. USA! USA!

When seeing a man in a turban being searched at an airport.

6. USA! USA!

World Cup, USA player slide tackles and accidentally breaks opposing player’s neck, killing him. The crowd goes silent in horror and grief. Except for one.

7. USA! USA!

School shooting.

8. USA! USA!

When you’re with a group of Japanese people at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.

9. USA! USA!

When stealing food from a dying African child.


Seconds before your crew is scheduled to make a silent sneak attack.

11. USA! USA!

A UN Assembly during Iran’s speech.

12. USA! USA!

In the middle of 12 Years A Slave.

13. USA! USA!


14. USA! USA!

Any time in France.

15. USA! USA!

A spelling bee.

16. USA! USA!

During an abortion.

17. USA! USA!

There is never an inappropriate time for FREEDOM!