18 People On The Most Important (Non-Physical) Trait In A Potential Partner



I like a man who is unapologetically himself. Confident, but not cocky. A dude who lets his freak flag fly, and welcomes me to fly mine.

-Melanie, 34


I guess it would be have to be how quick-witted they are or how well they take sarcasm. If there’s no sense of humor, how can you communicate effectively? I believe someone sense of humor depicts their level of intelligence, or how well they’re able to read the environment (and put things into context). So I guess what I’m saying is humor is a tool I use to identify how well I can connect with a potential partner and see how compatible I am with them.

-John, 26


I want to see that they’re smart and curious about the world.

-Hank, 30


Kindness, because you can just tell if someone is going to be good to you based on how they treat other people, accept experiences their life, and react to things. If they get bent out of shape at the waitress or start making fun of other people…it’s a good sign they’ll bring out the worst in you.

-Carolyn, 25



-Marie, 27


Sense of humor. It’s cliche, but it’s true. It carries over to a lot of other traits and how people handle their day to day. If they can laugh at life as well as have wit, it’s the most important thing.

-Katie, 29


I feel like the first trait I notice is how they interact with other people.

-Nik, 27


A nice mother. I don’t need anyone who has weird attachment issues.

-Kathleen, 25


Honesty, hands down.

-Jaclyn, 24


Someone who understands me on all sorts of levels. Like I don’t always have to use words for them to know I’m upset or worried about something. They can just tell through my body language and general energy, because we have have a natural connection.

-Kira, 27


Sense of humor.

-Karl, 24


I would want to see the same basic life goals and same interests.

-Kelsey, 25


Little generic, but for me, it’s about ‘do they laugh’?

-Kyle, 31



Humor, but not at the expense of others.

-Erin, 26


I love when they have one thing they are kind of obsessed with. I think it’s cute when they are a super fan of something, especially if it’s something weird because it makes me feel more normal.

-Kaleigh, 23



Definitely confidence.

-Jean, 28


I’m looking for someone who wants the same kind of life that I want for my future.

-Dan, 29



A sense of humor, and that he can get along with others and has a good group of friends.

-Melissa, 24