Terrifying Video Shows Poltergeist Terrorizing Irish Woman’s Kitchen


Irish resident Ashy Murphy has an isolated countryside cottage with a pest problem — some supernatural pests. Murphy has posted two separate videos that appear to show her kitchen being attacked by some kind of unseen spirit, and they have some people totally creeped out.

This is the first video that she posted on her YouTube account on September 14th:

And here is the second video that was posted a week later, on September 21st.

Both videos begin with the hanging lamp swinging back-and-forth with increasing intensity, followed by the cabinets opening by themselves, and the breadbox “jolting” forward. In the second video there also appears to be dishes thrown around in the sink.

Despite how eerie the videos appear at first glance, a number of skeptics have stepped forward to contest the videos’ authenticity.

Users have pointed out the “convenient timing” in which the “poltergeist” seemed to move objects just as Murphy turned her camera toward them. Others have accused Murphy of using fishing line to manipulate the objects, that a pair of scissors that were briefly captured on video were used to cut the string.

Some users also claim to see part of the fishing line toward the end of one of the videos when the red bucket moves toward Murphy.

Murphy has posted both videos to Facebook and YouTube, leading many to suspect that this whole thing was just some sort of publicity stunt.

What do you think? Haunted or hoax? Add your two cents in the comments below!