18 Ways That Strong Girls Do Life Differently


We asked, and you guys answered! Below are the best responses.

1. “One simple thing: They breathe, regardless of what life throws at them.”

2. “You welcome healthy conflict in order to accomplish things and solve problems.”

3. “Trust that we are ready for whatever life throws our way.”

4. “They do whatever the hell they want. They don’t settle, they don’t take life for granted.”

5. “By giving people a taste of my own medicine. I don’t give them a taste of their own medicine coz they already know what it tastes like. If they LIE, I let my medicine be HONESTY. If they PLAYED with my emotions, I let my medicine be MATURITY. If they BROKE me, I let my medicine HEAL. If they made me CRY, I let my medicine make them SMILE.”

6. “They know when they deserve better. They know when it is time to stop. They know when they are being taken for granted, and they hardly ever take anyone for granted.

They realize that they will get hurt. They will be pushed to a breaking point. But they don’t break.

They are resilient and confident about themselves. They are self-aware and self-indulgent. They can survive without a man. And they sure as hell can take a man’s job title.

They are a force to be reckoned with and they know that. They don’t break easily and people wonder how haven’t they broken as yet.

A strong girl is not easy to keep. A man needs to be strong-willed and mature to handle a strong girl.

Once a man masters the art of keeping a strong girl, he is sure to see success like no other.”

7. “By being a fighter but also knowing when I’ve had enough.

By having the courage to walk away from people who doesn’t see my worth.

By accepting my weakness but not letting it be a limitation but an opportunity to to be better.”

8. “She cries herself to bed at night because of the demons that lurk in her mind yet when she wakes up every morning, she rises again, ready to fight the battle. Indeed, she is a warrior, a warrior with no weapon.”

9. “Always turn a negative into a positive and don’t have pity parties about your past experiences, no matter how rough. Learn and grow from your tough times and mistakes and always remain humble. Keep out negative and toxic relationships no matter if blood or not and set healthy boundaries without being aggressive or hurtful. Being able to look in the mirror every single day and loving what you see all the way through your soul will give you a backbone you you never imagined!”

10. “There isn’t just one type of strong woman. Strength is constituted in a variety of ways at different levels. Women have the innate capacity to overcome, accept, adapt, let go, and let live. For me, strength is feeling and living a balanced life full of inner peace, determination, confidence, pride, and energy. It is living with the knowledge I can do anything I set my mind to. It is not letting others choose for me. I choose for me. I love for me. I live for me. I love others and I value them, but I know I only need myself. Independence is my personal strength. That is what makes me strong. Caring for others makes me strong. Caring for me and them is what makes me an emotional power-lifter. Life is always a learning process. Acknowledging that self-development is lifelong is another strength. Nothing will ever be perfect, and accepting that we’re all human and doing it together, being there for each other, accepting one another wholeheartedly—that is what strength means to me.”

11. “We all have that inner strength. It’s about finding it and owning who you are. We don’t break others down to build ourselves up. We stand our own ground and together. Do what makes us happy. Kill the haters with kindness and sass. Stop dwelling and start living. It’s all individual.”

12. “Nobody asks what I’ve been to or how Am I doing…nobody did for the last couple of years…earnestly anyways. Some ask just for curiosity’s sake. But I carry on with my responsibility, life goes on. Strong girls never get asked how they’re doing. But I’m fine with that.”

13. “By knowing what I do not know. By knowing when to stop. By saying ‘no’ without feeling guilty. By seeing the beauty in the ugliest. By tapping my own shoulder when I know I did a great job.”

14. “Embracing myself for who I am and accepting my flaws. Being strong and tough on the inside, not afraid of the truths to confront me.”

15. “She is focusing on brighter side rather than dwelling on her failures. She was able to move on after tragic heartbreak and rise above to improve herself after learning important lessons. She does not depend on anyone else to pay her bills. She is happy, contented, and strives hard to make herself the better version from yesterday.

16. “By living her truth.  Courageously. Even in the face of fear, voice shaking, hands sweating.  I also exercise, meditate, do yoga, and am always trying to grow and learn.”

17. “Don’t put your happiness in anyone’s hands but your own. It’s an inside job.”

18. “Ignore everything that creates drama.”