19 Reasons Why @ShadyArthur Is Literally The Best Twitter Account For Everyone Missing Their Childhood Shows


1. Remember when Francine tried to stay over at the Read’s house? DW does…

2. Or when Muffy was a diva like every single episode…

3. Those amazing times when Binky showed his sensitive side

4. lol DW was such a brat. love her.

5. this show was 2 real

6. Is this the episode where DW discovered the word “fuck” (probably)?

7. Buster was adorably dumb — but we loved him for it.

8. What was he looking at again??

9. This episode made me uncomfortable…

10. Me when I’m supposed to be doing my homework

11. DW again!

12. I say this to myself now…

13. Who is this guy??

14. Binky taking his insecurities out on someone else (as per usual)

15. same.

16. jesus the brain was crazy

17. i bet she’s voting for Bernie Sanders

18. wtf is this

19. Arthur dishing out the realest insight ever

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