19 Ways To Brighten Your Mom’s Day


1. Have flowers delivered to her for absolutely no reason other than you wanted to make her smile.

2. When she has the flu bring over the essentials to help her feel more comfortable – cold remedies, homemade soup, tissues, and tea.

3. Ask her if she needs anything the next time you go grocery shopping or are out running errands.

4. Call her just to ask her how she’s doing and what she’s up to.

5. Send her a cute or funny video you find on YouTube you know she’ll love.

6. Frame a picture of you two together from a time when you both were younger and give it to her for a holiday or just because.

7. Surprise her with her favorite coffee or beverage the next time you go over to her house.

8. Spend an afternoon gabbing and having fun with her and her girlfriends.

9. Be the first to reach out to her and apologize after you have an argument.

10. If she lives out of town have a Skype coffee date.

11. Offer to take her to her next doctor’s appointment. She’ll appreciate having the company while sitting in the waiting room.

12. Tell her to take a night off of cooking and either make a great meal for her at home or take her to one of her favorite restaurants.

13. Give her a genuine compliment the next time she cuts her hair or buys a new outfit.

14. If Bath and Body Works or any other similar store is having a crazy awesome sale pick up a couple things you think she’d love.

15. Find an upcoming event like a concert or play that’s happening soon and buy tickets for the two of you to go together.

16. Tell your mom you want to spend your next day off with her. Make plans to go to the movies, get a manicure, or just spend time together at home.

17. When she’s stressed out or going through a rough time send her a care package of some of her favorite things and bath products to help her relax.

18. Do something that will make her life easier for the day. Offer to shovel the driveway, take out the garbage, rake leaves, or any other task that needs to be done.

19. Find a fun recipe or project on Pinterest you two could do together. Even if it turns out awful you’ll have the fun of trying something new together. 

image – mtsofan