23 Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Reading Pointless Lists


You should be living your life. Not staring at a bright screen. Who cares what I have to say? Who cares what anyone has to say?

Everybody comes as a genius into this world, and is buried as a total idiot.Look out your window. Never mind. Walk to your door. Grab the handle and turn. Pull back the door. Breathe the air. Realize you are alive and this will not last.

One day you will not be here.

Do not read this.

You should be doing better things. Climbing mountains. See the world. Take risks.

Your body is decaying. Half your life is probably already over and you’re too busy thinking about tomorrow. Bills. Payments. Mortgage. How are you going to have enough money for that thing you want? Get a new phone. Big house. Nice car.

Are we all in this together?

I’m no better. I’m sitting in a dimly lit room with an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philidophia” playing in the background.

Relaxed with a laptop on a couch.

How did I get here?

Was there some right of passage I took when I became a man?

Drinking coffee and pretending to be busy. All week. Using politeness and vague words to relate to people in a common situation. We were not born of wealth and have to work for what we want. Doing jobs that probably do not even have to be done. For people that do not even know our names.

Watching the clock is the only real sport. I will do anything to make sure I do not know time exists. Website. Next. Picture. Hot girl. Meme. Next. Next. Next. I am not gratified fast enough. I need to consume the most knowledge to forget about the mundane thing I am doing to make someone else rich.

Are my dreams even mine?

Clock strikes close. Shuffle out of a door sharing common courtesy and the empty “see you tomorrow”

To the car. I’m tired. Horny. Hungry. I hope Taco Bell is on the way to my house.

Arrive home. Stare mindlessly at a TV screen. Stuck on a familiar noise.

Repeat all week. Forever. For the rest of our lives?