2 Signs The Guy You’re Dating Is Crazy (And 3 Signs He’s A Keeper)


After reading this lovely article, I decided to do some research on how to tell if the dude you want to date is crazy or a keeper. After asking around to as many people as I could, I came up with this wonderful, comprehensive list of crazy or keeper.

Let’s start with crazy:

1. He calls any (or better yet, many) of his exes “crazy”

This is really telling. Can all girls really be that crazy? Short answer: No. It shows that this dude doesn’t have the ability of self-reflection. He is immature. He probably pretty full of himself. He also probably gets on the elevator before he lets other on and lets the door slam in that old person’s face instead of waiting the two minutes to help out the lady with the walker.

2. …

Nope….really, all you need is the first one. If a guy says all the girls he has been with are crazy, perhaps (most likely) the problem is with the guy himself. He has been plagued with failed relationship after failed relationship, but he is so entitled that of course he could never have help caused the break-up. I’m not saying all ladies are perfect. But most aren’t as “crazy” as guys like to make us seem. He probably uses words and phrases that are degrading to woman like “cunt” and “pussy” and “bitch” all as insults. He is really just an insecure, woman-hating, man-child who want a mother figure to come in and take care of him.

Now on to the keeper:

1. He is compassionate and kind

He doesn’t insult women just for being women. He doesn’t insult men for “acting like women” (like expressing emotions or not fighting). He holds the door for everyone he can. He has manners. He can discuss failed relationships in an honest way, where he can take part of the blame for it’s failing. And he can be honest with you about his wants and needs, and compromise with you for yours as well.

2. He doesn’t act like a man-child

If he doesn’t get his way, he doesn’t throw a fit. He genuinely wants to hear your thoughts and opinions as much as you want to hear yours. He can compromise. And above all…

3. He is honest

He wont lie to you. If he just wants to have sex with you and ins’t interested in a relationship, he won’t string you along. He will be open with is intentions. And he won’t call you crazy for expressing your emotion.

So, unless you are certifiably insane* (like meds and mental institution), you are not “crazy.” If the guy thinks you are crazy just because you like to be alone, are independent, or express you emotions, then he is not a keeper. If he is willing to work through issues, listen and even maybe compromise, then he totally is a keeper (even if it is just to have fun). Good luck, ladies. And men, keep this article in mind before you go off spouting about how all your ex’s are “crazy,” because you just look like the one who’s nuts.

*Even if you are, no one should be made fun of for their disabilities.