6 Problems You Only Encounter If You Are Addicted To Books



1. Buying a book that looks awesome, then realizing that it’s the third book in a series (you haven’t read) when you sit down to read it.

Really, it doesn’t get much worse than this. You get all hyped up about getting a new book that you are excited to read. Then you get home, and have to do other things. You pick up the book before bed, turn the title page and BAM! The dreaded “Other books in this series:” page appears. And yours in quite a ways down on the list. Is it even worth it at this point? (Spoilers: Yes.)

2. Accidentally moving your bookmark.

We’ve all been there. You roll over in the middle of the night and accidentally roll onto one of the books you have in bed with you (don’t judge). The next morning you wake up with the book mark by your hand and the book by your feet. NOOOOOOOO. You spend the next ten minutes trying to find where you left off in the story.

3. The broken spine snap.

I may be too careful with my books, but I try not to break the spine on them. Partly because, you know, when you are tired, you get kind of lazy while turning the pages. And if you accidentally let go with a broken spine, the pages snap back to where the break was and again, you spend the next ten minutes trying to figure out where you were in the story.

4. Buying more books than you can read.

The Japanese have a word for this: Tsundoku. I, and many of my friends, have a huge list of books that are in the queue to be read. But no matter how many you have waiting you always have to buy more. And the only thing suffering is your bank account (and maybe your fridge).

5. Reading books just because you liked the movie.

The book vs. movie debate is one I am very passionate about. I truly think that they should never be compared since they are totally different mediums of story telling. It’s like comparing apples and pineapples. They are both fruit, they have similar names, but the differences are so vast it’s not worth pitting them against each other. Though, we have all fallen into the trap of loving a movie and find out a book exists before hand. And by the time we are done with the book we hate either the movie or the book because one or the other was just down right better at getting the story across.

6. Being stuck without an “emergency book.”

I always carry a book around. And I have one in the car. Just in case. You never know when you are going to be stuck somewhere and need a book. And it is the worst having to kill time with nothing but candy crush and almost-used-up data to keep you company.