20 One-Sentence Reminders For Anyone Who Is Having Trouble Letting Go


1. Letting go doesn’t mean you’re giving up, it means you’re allowing what already is.

2. It’s okay to have loved deeply, it’s okay to have them only exist in memory.

3. There are over 7.4 billion people on this planet.

4. Not all love is made to grow.

5. Not everything happens for a reason, but things always have a tendency to work out okay.

6. Just because your life doesn’t look the way you want it to doesn’t mean you can’t work with what you’ve got.

7. They aren’t the only one you’re ever going to be capable of loving and they weren’t the only one capable of loving you.

8. It was never going to be them, but that doesn’t mean you wasted your time or that they don’t matter.

9. This may not make you stronger, but it will make you wiser.

10. Sometimes we must only appreciate people for what they were when they were, nothing more and nothing less.

11. Love will not save you.

12. Hanging on to someone who is no longer there won’t make them come back.

13. There isn’t always a lesson in someone leaving, and that’s okay.

14. It’s not a matter of you not being enough for them, it’s just that you weren’t the right fit for one another.

15. You will get over them.

16. Constantly revisiting the past won’t give you new insights as to why things had to end or protect you from future pain, it will only hold you back and prevent you from meeting someone new.

17. There’s more to life than falling back in love.

18. Even if you are the reason everything went to shit, that doesn’t make you unlovable or a terrible person, it simply makes you human and you can learn from where you went wrong.

19. Stop going on their Instagram, reading your old text thread, or visiting their Facebook; I can pretty much guarantee you’re never going to like what you find.

20. Lost love won’t kill you, it’s a universal human experience and you’re not as alone as you feel; you’re going to be okay.