‘A Quiet Place’ Could Have Been A ‘Cloverfield’ Movie


A Quiet Place brought in $50 million at the box office this weekend, with most people (including yours truly) praising the film as both genuinely scary and enjoyable. This week, the writers behind the movie revealed that they briefly considered tying the plot to the Cloverfield franchise.

Writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods told the website /Film that they talked to their reps about branding it as a Cloverfield movie. Everyone involved agreed the film could stand on it’s own, and the writer’s expressed relief that echoed what many horror fans feel:

“One of our biggest fears was this getting swept up into some kind of franchise or repurposed for something like that. The reason I say ‘biggest fear’ – we love the Cloverfield movies. They’re excellent. It’s just that as filmgoers, we crave new and original ideas. And we feel like so much of what’s out there is IP. It’s comic books, it’s remakes, it’s sequels. We show up to all of them, we enjoy those movies too, but our dream was always to drop something different into the marketplace, so we feel grateful that Paramount embraced the movie as its own thing.”

I love that they wanted to create something new!

In retrospect, the whole A Quiet Place story fits nicely into the territory developed by 10 Cloverfield Lane, but it feels stronger that it stands alone, especially considering how much of a let down Cloverfield’s The God Particle was. If you haven’t seen it already, definitely check it out.