20 Real-Life Superpowers You Might Just Be Blessed Enough To Possess


1. Being able to fall asleep on planes is a superpower. If you can do that, you’re one of the lucky ones.

2. If you’re able to read while riding in the backseat of someone’s car without getting nauseous, that’s pretty impressive.

3. Remembering people’s names is a superpower. It’s essential—it makes people feel seen, and it will continue to serve you well.

4. The ability to contour. As in contour one’s face with makeup. That is a spiritual gift, my friend.

5. The ability to operate a curling iron without burning yourself or your hair is a superpower. That’s a spiritual gift, too!

6. Remembering phone numbers by heart. In the days of caller ID, that’s pretty impressive.

7. Walking in heels over three inches gracefully.

8. Putting mascara or eyeliner on while sitting on a train or subway is most definitely a superpower.

9. Writing poetry.

10. Writing novels.

11. Writing stories.

12. Writing music.

13. Writing. It’s a gift to put pen to paper. It’s a remarkable thing to put your words out there, not knowing how they’ll be received, but knowing that they must be said anyway.

14. If you’re an artist who performs, I’d say that’s a superpower. You stand up, in front of a crowd and let them see your heart and your soul. That’s both incredibly terrifying and daring.

15. Teaching. If you’re a teacher, you’re a modern-day hero. You’re caring for children who are not your own as if they were your own all day long. And that’s pretty amazing.

16. Elementary school teaching. If you’re a teacher of little littles, like children 10 and younger, you’re basically Iron Man.

17. Parenting. If you’re a mother or a father, please pat yourself on the back, because you’re doing a great job.

18. If you work in the medical field—whether that means you’re a doctor or a nurse or a medical assistant or an EMT worker or a technician—we see you. When the whole world takes off, you’re there, working to make sure people are taken care of, and that’s amazing.

19. Owning your space is a superpower. It takes courage and guts to stand firm in the face of those who would be happier if you would fade away into the background, and that is a superpower.

20. Being a hopeless romantic is a superpower. You love love. You love to give it, you love to receive it, and you know something that the rest of us sometimes forget—love is the only thing that truly matters.