Sometimes We Need Time Away From People We Love To Appreciate Them More


Whether you’re in a relationship, married, surrounded by family members, or fed up with your roommates, whatever the case may be, sometimes you need time away from people to appreciate them more.

If we spend too much time with the same people, it will lead to resentment. One person (or even two, three, four, or five) cannot fulfill all of our social needs.

We are not meant to spend time with the same people for extended periods of time. Humans are very social animals designed to live in villages and tribes with extended social networks.

Think of movies like March of the Penguins, where you see flocks of penguins with hundreds of thousands of penguins huddled together. Humans are meant to be somewhat similar.

In the society we live in, life can be very isolating for some people. Some people are socially anxious and perhaps only feel comfortable with a small network of people, and that’s okay, but I would recommend branching out of your comfort zone, even if it is only one small step at a time. If you are more comfortable communicating with others online, that is even a first step in the puzzle of human health that leads to a healthier view of the self and of relationships.

When we spend too much time with one person, the relationship becomes codependent. Humans tend to get bored easily, and this is why it is important for us to socialize with many people, otherwise it will lead to unhealthy habits and behaviors.

It isn’t a personal attack to spend time with other people if you are in a relationship. It actually leads to healthier and happier time spent together with that person. There is no human being above it. You will become resentful if you spend too much time with one person.

Don’t be jealous if your spouse or partner is spending time with others. Think of it as time where they will develop new friendships and stories that they can share with you so that the relationship will have a healthier foundation and you will have more to talk about. If you find yourself feeling jealous, then perhaps it is time for you to develop more friendships.

Our feelings are very complicated, but they exist for a reason. If you are having trouble managing your feelings then I would encourage you to seek counseling, but do not jump to blaming your partner when negative feelings arise.