20 Signs Your Significant Other Is Going To Break Up With You


You once gave them your heart, but they no longer love you like before. To them, you’re no longer exciting.

1. Instead of “Good morning, I hope you had a good sleep.” It became you Facebook messaging them with, “Morning! It’s time to wake up!” and they will only reply back at noon even though you know they saw the Facebook message at 8am.

2. No more hand-holding. The excuse? “Do we really need to do that anymore?”

3. You aren’t included in their plans.

4. Haven’t seen each other for a long time? No big deal to them.

5. They turn away slightly when they use their phone. What’s the big secret? HUH?

6. You don’t remember the last time you both had sex with each other.

7. Their time is more valuable than “our” time.

8. They call you “paranoid” and “crazy” when you glimpse their messages (and you know you’ve seen them talking to someone else)!

9. They remove Facebook tags on photos that you’re both in.

10. Instead of taking care of you when you’re sick, they do their own thing.

11. They call you annoying.

12. No more cuddling.

13. No more kisses.

14. No more eye-gazing.

15. They don’t let you meet their friends.

16. They make snide remarks like, “It’s time to lose some weight!”

17. No interactions on social media.

18. They talk to you like you’re beneath them.

19. They’re a different person from when you first met them.

20. They’re insistent that you’ve changed, when actually, they’re the ones that changed the most.

image – Shutterstock