An Open Letter To The Girl Who Replaced Me


Dear Replacement,

You may not know me, but I was the girl before you. I was the girl who held his hand before you did. I was the girl who hugged him tight before you. I was the girl who came rushing down for him when he needed me before you. I was the girl who he spilled sweet nothings to before you. I was the girl who held a place in his heart and life before you. When I first will find out about you, I am sure I will resent you. But we both have something in common now which connects us somehow whether we like it or not.

I hope you don’t get intimidated by me. I assure you that if it’s you now who holds his attention then you too have already secured a place in his heart. So I hope you won’t ask him too many questions about me. He will have already forgotten about the past. About me. He wasn’t always the type to hang on to what has past. He preferred to get over it as quickly as possible. As much as I’m sad at how things went down between me and him, I am happy that he has found you. Whether you’re meant to be temporarily or permanently in his life (though I hope it’s the latter), I do hope you’re the one who is able to reignite the fire in his heart.

I hope you teach him. Treat him like your college major, a subject that you want to study for the rest of your life. I hope you know what makes him tick. I hope you know what makes him laugh. I hope you know what makes him smile. I hope you know what makes him blush and swell with pride. I hope you know what makes him sad and that you’ll avoid making him feel that way as much as possible. I hope you know that his family comes first. I hope you know who he takes after in the family. I hope you’ll get to know his friends, his bros. They’re lovely and really cool people. I hope you know the reasons why he is the person that he is.

In return, he’ll know all that sort of stuff about you, too. Don’t treat him like an option. Don’t be pessimistic about stuff. Don’t hesitate to be frank with him about what you expect of him. Don’t hesitate to call him out on his shit. He needs a partner, not a nanny. So be the person that he needs and not just wants.

I’ll tell you a secret: Don’t keep secrets from him. He hates it. That was my mistake. Don’t repeat it or you’ll regret it. I can’t tell you every secret about him else it’ll take the fun out of things. It took me a while to discover them for myself.

He is a truly sweet and thoughtful person. He will come off as mysterious at first but once you get close enough, he’ll open up his hard shell to you. Learn to treasure the pearl you find inside.

He enjoys spending on himself and his loved ones unnecessarily. Try to not let him spoil you too much. He tends to forget about upcoming rainy days. You’ll notice that he’ll be late most of the time. Forgive him for that. It’s always hard for him to wake up on time and yet he will dress up so that he can look his best for you. Appreciate it.

You’ll find out his favorite movies and he’ll be excited to make you sit with him and watch them. I never got to do that, so I hope you do. He has a short temper and will probably storm off. Don’t let him walk away from you like that. Instead, grab his hand and firmly tell him to come back because you won’t be the one chasing him. If you do something he doesn’t like, he won’t hesitate to confront you about it. He is a private person so don’t take it personally if he does not show you off too often to the world. He likes what’s his to be only his. I learned that. Don’t share too much to the world about him, either. He is scared that it’ll make him vulnerable. He’ll get suspicious if you’re too close to your friends and will question whether you tell them everything about the two of you. It’ll drive you crazy. But that is my fault. Pay attention to him and only him. He loves that. His dreams are huge so don’t forget to provide him never ending support. It’s his only chance at achieving what he really wants in life. Don’t judge him for his mistakes. He is a better person because of them. And now, he has found you. I hope he treats you the way you deserve as I thought he would do for me. I hope you love him the way he deserves. I hope you don’t hurt him the way he has hurt me. Because as much as I got hurt, I don’t and won’t ever wish for the same kind of treatment or pain on him.

Please know that I don’t dislike you; I’m merely jealous of you. Jealous that I am now being replaced but yet happy that someone else will get to have the same experience as I did with him. I hope it all works out for you both.

Being with him will feel like a rollercoaster ride. You will be knocked off your feet by his sweet gestures. You will be breathless from his touch and kisses. You will be dizzy from happiness and euphoria. When it plunges down, your stomach will drop. Drop to the lowest pit. When it keeps going in circles, you will be begging for it to stop. But when it ends, you will find yourself wanting to ride it again, but you can’t. So hold on tight because you’re in for a ride of your life.