20 Signs You’re A Journalist


  1. You read the newspaper with a highlighter in one hand.
  2. You never forget to bring a pen or a piece of paper wherever you go just in case an idea for an article or an interesting person pops into view.
  3. When you are in an event, you feel the need to live tweet, reporting snippets with the official hashtag.
  4. Casual conversations with a stranger can turn into an impromptu interview for an article you are working on.
  5. There are imaginary editing marks whenever you are reading something (yup, you just saw an encircled dot in your head after the word ‘something.’)
  6. You are very much amazed at the fact that Marshall McLuhan is still alive.
  7. Your favorite mobile application is Pocket.
  8. You have a conscious effort to always change your writing style until you are satisfied with your individual voice as a writer.
  9. Your productive spaces are in dimly-lit cafes or libraries.
  10. Reading a non-fiction book is one of your ways of rewarding yourself after a successful coverage.
  11. You are subscribed to at least one international magazine.
  12. You love observing Communication Theories in real life.
  13. Your handwriting is worse than chicken scratch.
  14. You have a collection of coverage notebooks.
  15. Cups of coffee or cans of Red Bull are your best friends when you’re trying to beat your deadline.
  16. Your personal travels, interests, and activities will become your next article.
  17. It is your biggest dream to be part of an international bureau.
  18. You are an expert at cramming.
  19. It annoys you that some people think that it is an ‘elitist mindset’ that the media should embrace the role of educating the public.
  20. Even though being a journalist is difficult, you can’t imagine doing anything else.