20 Types Of People You Don’t Ever Need In Your Life


The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships. Choosing our company is literally the difference between very deep joy or immense misery. There are so many different dynamics when it comes to relationships. However, these 20 types of people, in particular, are people that no one ever needs to waste their time, space, or energy on.

1. People who don’t show or put in any type of effort to your guy’s relationship

2. People who are spiteful and very reactive

3. People who prioritize their relationship over everything and can’t balance anything

4. People who are unapologetic and are unable to practice humility

5. People who are close minded

6. People who do not/cannot empower you

7. People who don’t know how to use their words and communicate effectively

8. People who project their own drama and inner turmoil onto you

9. People who only use their emotions rather than utilize their logic

10. People who make you feel like you are not valued or you are not wanted and welcomed

11. People who suck your energy and only talk to you when they need something from you

12. People who get mad and upset over the most minuscule things

13. People who belittle you or put you down in order to feel better and/or more secure about themselves

14. People who don’t constantly encourage and support you

15. People who talk more than they listen

16. People who don’t take your emotions and feelings seriously

17. People who know what will upset you and intentionally do it anyways

18. People who make you feel bad for being you or living your life the way you want/need to

19. People who only show up when it’s easy for them to

20. People who can’t think for themselves