That’s The Thing About This Life


You see, that’s the thing about this life. You have a vision. You have a taste. You know the feeling. Yet we’re afraid. Were so afraid. So we turn our heads and walk down a different road. We turn our heads and hearts away from the feelings we so deeply crave and we walk towards things that keep us comfortable.

You see, that’s the thing about this life, we know what our dream life not only looks like but also feels like and when we close our eyes were able to go there. To the feelings of calmness, empowerment, love, joy, contentment and then we open our eyes and put our dream lives on Crystal pedestals. Out of reach. Above us. Inaccessible.

You see, that’s the thing about this life, we so easily sit back and watch others take off running into their fields of sunflowers while we stay wishing on dandelions for our sunflower patch to grow.

You see, that’s the thing about this life, we have a choice. In this moment, we have a choice now, to recognize the power of the truth from our lips, to recognize the magic touch of our fingertips, to recognize the power of deeply truly and wholly believing for more than just a fleeting passing moment that our dream lives, our sunflower field, already has seedlings and sprouts. The sun has already risen and touched this patch. The rain has already tendered the beauty and the only thing missing, the only thing it’s waiting on is you. To open your arms. To soften. To believe. To break through the channels and blocks in your heart and to run into the unknown. Into this field of possibility so that we don’t just have to close our eyes and see this field, we don’t just have to let this dream life live as a vision, we can open our eyes and touch this life. We can feel the softness of the petals on the sunflowers. We can run barefoot gently through the tender grass. We can move slowly and calmly with an open heart because we have arrived in now. And now is delicious. Now. Right here. Right now. This minute. These sunflowers.

You see, that’s the thing about this life, you have to try, you have to take action because awareness only gets you so far. You have to lean into what it is your heart and spirit so deeply crave you have to get honest with yourself and find inner stillness of your sunflowers. Because it’s there. And maybe it’s raining and thunder-storming on your patch but we all know what comes after a rainstorm. So what is it? What do you choose?

You see, that’s the thing about this life, it is so completely and utterly yours for the taking and you might find that all along you’ve been the sunflower and you finally found your field.