21 Girls Reveal The Most Ridiculous Lie They Told To Get A Guy To Like Them


Haven’t we all pretended to like something in order to get someone to like us? Turns out that if you pretend to like ‘it,’ then they’ll probably pretend to like you back, and the whole thing will blow up in your face. Here are a few stories from the brave (well, honestly cowardly really, and I say this as one of them) ladies who tried and lied anyway.

1. Raven, 25

I told a guy I had a crush on that I was obsessed with Hockey (which he was) despite having little to no interest in the sport. We ended up dating and I was forced not only to watch every hockey game televised but act super enthusiastic about it since he told me he “loved that I love hockey.”

2. Ali, 24

When I was a freshman in high school I had a huge crush on my best friend’s senior older brother. I thought he was sooo smart and alternative. He was super into weird conspiracy theories and thinking that everything the government had ever done was out to get everybody, but mainly, him. So I went online and researched a bunch of ridiculous theories and pretended I believed them so he would think I was as smart and cool as him. He would always send me all sorts of crazed articles and youtube videos and tell me how “real” I was.

3. Steph, 32

Once, I told this dude I had a crush on (and by that I mean a guy I was trying to go home with at a bar) that I was from South Carolina and donned a fake southern accent. I still don’t fully understand why I did that.

4. Kristina, 27

I told a guy I had a crush on that I knew how to play the drums. Turns out he was not only a drummer, but had a drum set and asked me to play when he brought me back to his apartment. I have absolutely no idea how to play the drums.

5. Julie, 22

Pulled a ‘Mean Girls’ and pretended I couldn’t write at all because I saw that a cute guy worked at the writing center. You have to have a certain low GPA in your English classes to go, so I literally took a D on a paper to get admitted. So stupid.

6. Erin, 21

I was sexting with this guy I met on the internet for a few months. We probably weren’t ever going to meet but he was fun to talk to and cool. Anyway after the first couple times he asked me if I was into ass stuff and I was like “not really” and then he kept talking and talking about it so I was forced over the course of sexting with him to pretend I was opening up to it (because its a fucking buzzkill to say no a million times in a row). I would just zone out for the ass half of our sexts from there on out. Probably why I lost interest but it went on for a long time.

7. Michelle, 23

I told him I was the daughter of an Austrian princess and a Greek shipping heir. And he believed it—until he Googled me the next morning.

8. Ally, 27

“Oh, I LOVE Saw!” I said. “Scary movies are the best!” I said. The joke was on me because guess who then had to go to an all-night screening of Saws I – I Can’t Take It Anymore?

9. Jordan, 36

Personally, when I lived in Portland, I’d tell ’em I was “Jen,” a paper salesgirl from Salem who was just passing through town for the night. Good way to avoid unnecessary complications.

10. Henah, 33

I used a fake name and told everyone at the bar I was writing a book about love and sex just so I could potentially hook up with someone for my fake book. It didn’t work. I went home alone.

11. Jeanne, 28

Oh geez, I don’t know. I once told a guy, who was really into dare-devil things, I love going sky-diving. Which is LOL, still never been. But I would like to go.

12. Kelly, 26

I faked a British accent for a legitimate three days with this guy because I had started it when I met him when I was drunk…and then I couldn’t just suddenly stop. I had to commit. It must’ve been so fucking obvious.

13. Chelsy, 31

I pretended to like Phish. I wore hemp necklaces. I became ~chill~.

14. Sam, 31

I once liked a guy and I knew his ex was this amazing cook and while I can cook I am no Barefoot Contessa. Cut to months later me and spending way too much of my paycheck to order fancy ass food I tried to pass off as my own.

15. Kiki, 28

I said I like cats. I fucking hate cats. (Sorry if you own a cat).

16. Gia, 23

I once lied about being into Westerns that I actually HATE and sat through countless films.

17. Nina, 27

I’ve lied about having the same music taste and then got completely called out when one of the band’s most famous song gets played and I didn’t know who it was, and I was like “I hate this song!” And he was like, “wait, this is your FAVORITE band?”

18. Lilliana, 25

One time I got really into Hinduism for a month because I dated an Indian guy.

19. Maggie, 21

I dated this hippie guy for awhile that was really into The Cure. We would sit on his bed and he would play The Cure while telling me his #deep philosophies about life. I didn’t give a shit but I liked making out with him so I pretended to be really into The Cure too. I wore their shirts, bought the albums (but didn’t really listen to them), everything. One time, he was like, who is your favorite member? I said Dave. Is there a Dave? He just looked away. We split up shortly after.

20. Perry, 26

I had a crush on this guy once and I completely changed who I was. He drank whiskey so I drank whiskey. He smoked pot so I smoked pot. He ate terrible garbage food so I ate terrible garbage food. I was not even myself by the time we weren’t dating anymore. I had to remember that I hated getting high and I was not into BBQ’ing meat every night.

21. Randi, 20

One time I was at a house party sitting on the porch, wearing my friends jacket because it was was cold outside. I didnt realize my friends jacket had a bunch of patches of different band names. This cute guy started talking to me about one of the bands and I was like ‘huh?’ then I realized he thought because I wore the jacket I knew all about this random punk band on my coat. I don’t remember how but I successfully had an entire 20 minute conversation about the band just long enough to charm the dude and exchange numbers. We made out a couple weeks later. #win