21 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Wears A Jean Jacket


1. Denim was invented by man (Levi Strauss) and perfected by woman (Gloria Vanderbilt).

2. The way her hair falls across the collar.

3. She could be the next Raquel Welch.

4. She might be a cowboy.

5. She might be a mechanic.

6. For you, the real Romantic Period wasn’t from 1800 to 1850, but from 1980 to 1989.

7. She might be the female version of Marty McFly, wear a quilted vest over the jean jacket, and you would get to ride in her DeLorean.

8. If she owns a jean jacket, then she might also own a jean vest AND OMG IF SHE OWNS A JEAN VEST YOU WILL MELT INTO THE SIDEWALK!

9. You can sing “Jeans Can Come True” to the tune of “Dreams Can Come True.”

10. Dating someone in denim is the closest you’ll ever get, or want to get, to dating Demi Moore.

11. You finally have a use for your minor in Denimology.

12. She might be in a band. Or have been in a band at some point in her life. Or have worked at a record store. Or she might just look so hot in a jean jacket you constantly hear rock music playing in your head.

13. She might sometimes wear the jean jacket with jean pants, which you’d think wouldn’t look good—but, it definitely does.

14. You get the benefits of joining a biker gang without having to terrify your parents by buying a motorcycle.

15. She might pair it with sunglasses.

16. This would provide you with a great segue to finally confess you’ve always wanted to name your kid “Denim.”

17. She might take it off and leave it on a park bench, so it gets warm in the sun. Then when you pick it up to hand it to her, the heat will transfer to your hand. You’ll notice how attractive her shoulders are as she slides it back on her body with your hands still warm from its touch.

18. If she owns a jean jacket it is much less likely she will ever use the term “between seasons” in your presence.

19. She might wear it over a dress, or with a skirt, thereby insuring you are ensorcelled.

20. Brass buttons.

21. She might let you borrow it one time and it will smell decidedly like her.