21 Reasons You Should Look Forward To Growing Up


Sure your car note is sucking your bank account dry, and what are taxes for again? Never mind all of that, here are 21 reasons why growing up is actually pretty cool.

1. Speaking of money, you actually make a lot more than you used to.

2. You go to bed whenever YOU feel like doing so, even if it’s only 10 pm.

3. You get to wear clothes that you like, instead of having to change in the bushes before you get on the bus.

4. ALCOHOL (I could really just end the list here) you can drink it and you can drink a lot of it, so much, that you wake up with a hangover on a Tuesday morning and almost get fired for taking to many “personal” days.


6. You decide to be whoever you want to be. You may have thought you were doing this when you were a kid, but no, NOW is the time where your story begins.

7. You start to appreciate your parents more and find yourself washing dishes without being asked, calling them FIRST, and paying for the bill at brunch.

8. You get the chance to live a better life than the one you grew up with.

9. You start to discover what makes you happy and you realize it isn’t money or things…

10. You realize your body isn’t invincible and that you need to take better care of it.

11. Since you’re still young enough that no one expects you to have all of your shit together, there are many people still willing to help you find your way.

12. You get to spend all of your money on things that you want, and yes you want to pay your car note.

13. You can dye your hair green if you want to, although you’ll probably just highlight the tips off-brown.

14. You learn how to cook and it’s terrible, but with practice you WILL get better. Plus you figure out adding butter and salt makes everything taste good.

15. You pick better friends based off of how they make you feel, not just because they’re in all your classes.

16. You start to pay your bills on time, learn to write a check, and realize that your job matches your 401k 100-percent, free money! (Except you can’t touch it for 50 years, bummer.)

17. You stop comparing your life to the ones people portray on Facebook.

18. You find someone that you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of your life with.

19. You start to become comfortable in your own skin and begin to care less about what other people think of you.

20. Ironically, once you stop caring about the opinions of others, you start to want to become a better person for yourself.

21. Younger people start to look up to you. And now that you’ve lived a little, you’re wiser, more experienced and you have a few pieces of advice to offer if anyone ever needs some.

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