If You Want To Be Rich, Stop Caring So Much About These 5 Things



School is waste time, which by the way you do not have a lot of. Your skills need to be refined now, do not waste your potential in a lecture doodling superman unless it is required for you to do something you are interested in.

2.Your job

You want to do well but don’t bet on your company looking to increase your pay more than a few cents a year. You will never make it to the 4% that way, plus you don’t even like your job.

3.Your ego

The human brain is amazing, its ability to adapt to change is incredible put it tells you a fictional story about yourself and expects your body to do the work to stay consistent. Most of the decisions you make do not serve logic. You are emotional and your brain seeks to be the most popular person at the party. That is how you survive. Never take yourself so seriously

4.Other people’s opinion

Most people’s opinion are as illogical as their brain is. Many people will decide they do not like you based off of nothing. Why would you care about the opinion of someone who isn’t making sense to you? Your validation of yourself should me more than Facebook likes and retweets. Instead focus on the opinion of those closest to you like your family and friends, make them happy and be kind.

5. Money

Statistically as you age you get paid more money so it’s almost guaranteed as long as you are alive.

Money does not make you happy but it will give you a false sense of security and let you buy more toys. Toys aren’t important and neither is money. Instead of obsessing about money forever, figure out your number, the number you need to hit for your ego to feel good about itself.

Throw in a chef, nannies, 4 luxury vacations a paid off townhouse and a Nissan Maxima and figure out the amount x 100 years. Once you get that number, stop caring about money.