21 Ridiculously Mundane Things Your Dog Does That You’re Unapologetically Obsessed With


1.  Befriends every single person while on a walk.

2. Makes a noise that almost sounds like a laugh.  

3. Barks at the tv when a dog barks in a show.

4. Lays in a sun spot on the kitchen floor and makes you lose your mind because how cute right?

5. Smiles in your Instagram photo.

6. Breathes. Not even in an interesting way. Just breathes.

7. ‘Watches’ a movie with you.

8. Pants when it’s hot outside.

9. Runs in circles when excited.

10. Tries to chase what is actually just a light reflection on the wall.

11. Runs into said wall.

12. Snores.

13. Has a bad dream.

14. Observes the food in your hand with hawklike eyes.

15. Perks up its ears at even the tiniest noise.

16. Falls off of anything.

17. Wears a sweater.

18. Wears a holiday sweater. Because that’s a whole different thing.

19. Sighs. Because maybe they’ve had a hard day.

20. Walks just loudly enough on the floor that you can hear their paws.

21. Sneezes. And then stares at you when you say “bless you.”