American Rat Race For Idiots


And all of these countries are in trouble
for they live too in the moment
too in their bodies
their lower charkas
they are the dancers
and the lovers
and the movers
for the are in their hips
their life force
their sexuality
they walk with the groundedness they are
and live in the moment it is
and we Americans and Canadians shake our heads
this is why your economy is in the shits
you close your shops for 3 hours a day to take naps
to drink coffee for 4 hours
you think not of the future
and because of it you are fucked
spoken with a head held high
as we pop pills for anxiety
from never being in our bodies
exhausted and wrinkled from chasing the rat race dream
studying for a masters that will never help us master life
staying awake at night thinking in circles
toasting to our white skin privilege
to our health, wealth and happiness
if only we knew how to dance
deeply in our hips
be present
like the Latinos
and the Spaniards
[that we pity so deeply]
then we would truly be free.

Janne Robinson is a poet and author of
This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck.
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