21 Scary Pokémon You Should Try To Catch (With Caution)



This spooky Pokémon can ghost its way through walls, stalk prey in the dark, and causes death with it’s tongue made of gas.

Mega Beedrill

The Beedrill and Mega Beedrill will creepy out anyone who has an insect phobia. This poison bee Pokémon is a quick flier and has STEEL stingers on its forelegs AND tail.


This creepy cobra Pokémon is very strong and can squeeze prey to death.


Gastly haunts abandoned buildings. It is made of gas and will suffocate victims by touching it and poisoning them through their skin.


A smelly Pokémon made of sludge. When Grimer moves, it leaves a trail of slime wherever it goes.


Like Grimer, this Pokémon is stinky and sticky. It smells rancid and leaks poison.


This creepy bat will bite you and drain all of your energy. Golbat drinks 10 ounces of blood at a time.


Houndoom can shoot flames from its mouth. If the flames touch you, the pain never goes away.


Sudowoodo pretends to be a tree but it’s actually a creepy little Pokémon.


This kicking Pokémon has an impactful kick that’s as hard as a diamond and incredible balance. Its legs can constrict and grow, which is kind of freaky.

Mega Mawile

Mega Mawile has gigantic jaws and steel teeth. It transforms its appearance from inviting to terrifying.

Mega Sableye

Mega Sableye lives in caves and can steal your spirit with their scary glowing eyes. Don’t make eye contact with them!!

Mega Gardevoir

This Pokémon has psychokinetic powers and can tell the future!


This spooky snake has a sword tail that unleashes poison on its enemies.


Sharpedo can swim as fast as 75 mph!! It can catch up to anything in water and rip it apart with it’s razor sharp teeth.


This Pokémon can lull people into sleep, and then it inflicts terrifying nightmares on them.


Spiritomb is actually made up of the spirits of 108 other Pokémon.


You can run but you can’t hide from this Pokémon. Luxray can see through any object to spot prey hiding behind it.


Gourgeist sings in a creepy voice. If you hear the song of the Gourgeist you are cursed forever.


This Pokémon pretends to be a coffin to lure in unsuspecting prey. They turn their enemies into mummies.


One of the cruelest Pokémon. They make no noise as they sneak up on you.