To My BFF, I Am Proud Of You For Breaking Up With Him


I know you’re upset right now. I know you’ve been wondering whether you have made the right choice because losing him hurts more than you thought possible. I know that there are moments when you want to reach for the phone and text him to change everything back to the way it used to be.

I know you are taking this breakup hard — but I want you to know that I am so fucking proud of you.

I am proud of you for deciding that you have had enough of his bullshit.

I am proud of you for doing the right thing instead of the easy thing.

I am proud of you for finally realizing your worth. 

I know how much you hate being alone. I know you didn’t want to throw away what you had with him because you spent so much time on your relationship and didn’t want all of your effort to be wasted. I know how much you cared about him, even though he never deserved a girl like you. He never deserved your soft heart. He never deserved your kindness.

I am proud of you for deciding it is better to be alone than to stay in such a one-sided, draining relationship. I am proud of you for putting yourself first for a change. I am proud of you for getting the hell out of there, because I know it was hard. I know it took guts. 

I’m sure you’ve been crying a few tears over him, but I’m hoping that doesn’t last long. I’m hoping you won’t spend too much time wondering what he is doing and whether he has already found somebody else, because no matter what lies your mind tells you, he was the one who didn’t deserve you. He might not regret losing you yet, but it will sink in one day.

Never let this breakup convince you there is something wrong with you. I have seen what a good girlfriend you are. I know you better than most people, so I mean it when I say that anyone would be lucky to have you.

You are more than enough. You are strong. You are intelligent. You are beautiful.

You are deserving of someone who sees that from the start. Someone who would never dream of cheating on you or cursing you out or choosing his friends over you. Someone who would never treat you like an annoyance. Someone who would never let a single day pass without reminding you of how much you matter to him.

I want you to know that, even though you don’t have a boyfriend anymore, you have a friend who will love you harder than your ex ever could. I will always be there for you. I will always care about you. I will never let you down. 

I am so proud of you for breaking up with him. And I am so excited to see what the universe will have in store for you now that you’re free again.