22 Signs You Outgrew The Person You Thought You’d Grow Old With


1. Even though you used to be able to talk for hours, you now struggle to hold a five minute conversation. It’s like you have nothing in common anymore.

2. You’re ready for something serious–marriage, kids, the whole shebang. But he’s happy the way things are. He doesn’t want anything to change.

3. You know when to turn the fuck up and when to be responsible. But he drinks whenever he gets the chance, regardless of what time he has work the next day.

4. Whenever you’re with him, you laugh about stories from your past. But you aren’t forming any fun new memories with him.

5. You have the same exact fights over and over again. Neither of you are willing to alter your attitude to fix your problems.

6. You might not be as successful as you want to be yet, but you’re making some serious progress in your career. Meanwhile, he still has zero idea what he wants to do with his life (and he isn’t even trying to figure it out).

7. You used to be nuts about him. Now, you know you’d be happier if you were single. The only reason you’re staying with him is because of your history and because you feel comfortable.

8. You can’t have a mature conversation with him. He’s too childish to hear about your period or your gyno visit.

9. You feel like you’ve really grown in the few years since you’ve met him. But he hasn’t changed at all. Not even a little.

10. You’re embarrassed to be seen with him in public, because (and you hate to admit this) he’s beneath you.

11. You’ve deleted the negative people from your life to give yourself room to grow. But he’s still complaining about the same friends he’s complained about for years.

12. You’re the definition of a strong, independent woman. And he still relies on his mother to do his laundry for him.

13. You struggle to find dates you’ll both enjoy. You want to go to wine tastings and book readings. But he just wants to go to the bar, like every other weekend.

14. There was a time when you were hopeful about your future with him. But now, you just can’t see him in your future. You have a gut feeling he isn’t the guy you’re going to marry.

15. You used to miss him after five minutes of being apart. Now, you actually feel relieved when he tells you he has to work late, because you’re happier when you’re alone.

16. Whenever you talk about getting a promotion or moving into a new apartment, he doesn’t seem happy for you. It’s like he’s trying to hold you back, so that he doesn’t get left behind.

17. You’re struggling “to adult,” but you’re still giving it your best shot. But you can’t remember the last time he washed a plate or cooked a meal.

18. You’re more than ready to move in together. But he wants to continue living in his mother’s basement.

19. You have zero desire to sleep with him, and it’s not like you’ve been together long enough to get bored of him. You just aren’t attracted to him in the way that you used to be.

20. You make your own money. And he borrows money.

21. You don’t have the same taste in anything anymore. Food, movies, books, TV shows… You hate what he loves and he hates what you love.

22. You’re progressing in life. And he isn’t even trying to move forward.