It’s A Blessing That I No Longer See Myself Through Your Eyes


It feels great that you’re no longer the one who defines me, you’re no longer the one who makes my decisions or tells me what’s wrong and what’s right. Or tells me who I am or who I can be. 

It’s a blessing that I took your power to curse my life away from you.

Your presence in my life gave me nothing but pain. It added nothing but insecurities and it affected the way I saw the world — the way I saw myself.

It’s funny how you can completely become manipulated by how someone else sees you, it’s another form of abuse, it’s another form of slavery.

They keep feeding you lies until you finally believe them.

They keep telling you it’s your fault until you no longer blame them.

They keep convincing you that they’re better than you until you believe that you’re just born to be nothing, to be no one.

They hold a broken mirror and tell you that this is your reflection.

They hold a key to broken door and ask you to open it.

But someday you wake up and you realize that this is not who you are, this is not your face, this is not your body, these are not your thoughts and these are not your words.

You begin to realize that you’ve been sleeping in someone else’s room, possessed by their ghost.

So you fight it, you begin to say no, you begin to fight hard to save yourself, you begin to slowly take your power back and you learn how to leave.

Leave anyone who makes you question yourself.

Leave anyone who doesn’t know how to bring the best in you.

Leave anyone who tries to mold you into the awful person they’re becoming.

Leave anyone who tells you that your opinions are stupid, that your voice doesn’t matter.

Because your voice matters — YOU matter.

And once you know that you do, you will never let anyone hold the mirror, you will never let anyone reflect their insecurities on you and you will never let anyone make you feel ugly.

Once you free yourself from someone’s prison, they will never be able to capture you again.