22 Things I Learned From Being 22


1. You will regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.

2. You will cause trouble when you are bored. This includes being bored because things are all going too well. Self-destructive behaviors. Not saying they’re justified but they are real.

3. People will treat you badly. They will be rude. They will ignore you. And sometimes it is seriously not your fault. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you. Try not to take it personally.

4. Things literally just start to work out once you figure out your passion and what you really want to do. I promise it will make so much more sense afterward.

5. With that being said, you cannot expect a miracle to just magically fall out of the sky. If you want something and the opportunity is there, you must go out and pursue it. It will not come to you.

6. Every now and then, it is necessary to have downtime. I can’t tell you how relaxing it is to stay in bed all day, listen to the rain, and eat ice cream.

7. There will be things that are a big deal. Or at least it will seem like it at the time. What you feel about it is equally real and valid. And then one day, poof. It’s like it never happened.

8. I know we all work for different reasons and seek different things, but for the love of God, you really don’t want to work somewhere that treats you like shit and makes you miserable. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining beyond the work hours, and all the money in the world couldn’t pay me for that.

9. It is okay to look good for yourself. Yeah, I like wearing makeup and being well-dressed. It doesn’t mean you need to be flashy and looking like a million bucks 24/7, but it feels good to look good. And professionally, I like to clean up and look put together.

10. No one really has it all figured out. As we get older, we just get better at pretending we do. If you can plan ahead, that will help ease the process but things change and unexpected things come up so we make it up and figure it out as we go along.

11. It is important to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Find it — whatever it is — and grow with it.

12. Your intuition is almost always right. When we are younger, we are more likely to misjudge it, but as you get older — you just know.

13. If you are ambiguous, people will also feel those vibes and doubt you. If you say it with confidence, people don’t question you.

14. You know yourself best. People will have their opinions and projections but you have more inside knowledge to yourself than they do.

15. Be nice. Don’t be fake about it. Be genuinely nice. In the end, where does being a bitch really get you? Nice people finish last because they’re the only ones that really make it to the end.

16. Things happen. Shit happens. Either it will have its place in the grand scheme of things or not have been relevant to begin with.

17. Traveling is amazing. Whether it’s for a short time, long time, or just to realize you miss home — getting out there to see the world is a wonder not to miss out on.

18. Skirts and leggings are a great substitute for pants.

19. Spending time outdoors and exploring is one of life’s simple pleasures.  Soak up the sunshine and go outdoors.

20. Gratitude and patience are things to continue practicing. These things take time but it is worthwhile to make them habitual.

21. Music is still cathartic. Nothing like lyrics saying the words you couldn’t.

22. Good food and concerts are my thing. … Does that make me a hipster? Shit.

Yeah, I’m over feelin’ 22. Onto nobody likes you when you’re 23.