Why Am I In Love With You?


Why am I in love with you? This question seems so simple, yet it is one of the most complex questions I have ever gotten.

So where do I begin?

I’m in love with the way your eyes sparkle when a superhero movie comes on the T.V. I’m in love with the way you’d scrunch your nose as you laugh at your friends’ hysterical yet cringy comment. I’m in love with the way you’d crack stupid jokes in class that only I would find absolutely hilarious and adorable. I’m in love with the way your eyes focus intensely at the board when you’re intrigued in a lesson taught by the teacher. I love how you seem like the most popular guy at school but deep down inside you’re a dork. You’re in love with the complicated tales of the ancient Greeks. And with your love of history, I find myself falling deeper in love with you and your quirks.

I love the sound of your charming voice when it calls out for my name. I love the way your lips curve themselves when you see me. I love the way you’d immediately pay extra attention to the conversation when my name is mentioned. I love the way you fidget when I’m near you because I make you nervous. I love the way you’d constantly lock your eyes with mine. I love how your eyes search for mine even when there are hundreds of other eyes around you. I love how oblivious you can be at times, especially when we’re merely a few desks apart and I catch you staring at me from the corner of my eyes.

There are endless reasons why I am in love with you but that would take me forever to tell you. So for now, I’ll just keep it short and simple and say, the reason why I am in love with you is that you, are you.

And that’s why I am in love with you.