23 Little Moments Of Happiness In Every Day


The next time you’re having a bad day, just try to think about all the great little things that happen every day and the warm fuzzy feelings that they give you.

1. The bright shine from the sun through your window in the morning that welcomes you back to Earth from dreamland.

2. The way you stretch and yawn with your whole body in the morning, awakening every muscle and getting all tingly.

3. The little pocket and warmth and magic in your bed that draws you in and makes you feel all sorts of cuddly.

4. Watching the water from the shower head fall onto your body in slow motion, and the way that the droplets splash and splatter when they hit your skin.

5. The way your hair smells when you get out of the shower.

6. The zings of minty-freshness in your mouth just after you brush your teeth. Go ahead, smile. Check out those pearly whites.

7. The way that your first sip of coffee or tea fills your insides with warmth, sort of burning a little but definitely worth it.

8. Getting dressed for the day and totally checking yourself you. Because yeah, you’re looking HOT.

9. Catching your reflection in a window or door and smiling back at your reflective self.

10. That first bite of food at any meal that you just want to taste forever. (Everyone knows the first bite is so much better than every other bite.)

11. Hearing the first few notes of that song you just can’t get enough of on the radio or your iPod.

12. Carefree flirting with anybody and everybody who catches your eye, and totally getting the vibes from them that they just checked you out.

13. Looking at the clock and realizing work’s almost over. Cue internal happy dance.

14. When your phone lights up with a text message from your crush/significant other and your heart skips a beat.

15. Crossing tasks off your to-do list and feeling like a total boss.

16. The rush of excitement that fills your veins in the first seconds of a cardio workout, and you’re totally pumped and ready to kick some ass.

17. Finishing a workout and feeling like you’re literally on top of the world, exhausted but totally amped on life.

18. That moment when you get home and lock your door, knowing you’re in for the night.

19. Changing out of your clothes and into pajamas. Goodbye jeans, hello sweatpants.

20. The cushy feeling of being snuggled up in a blanket on the couch watching your favorite TV show and living vicariously through the characters.

21. The way you yawn and release all of your tension from the day and make that funny stretching roar as you get up and head to bed.

22. Sinking into your bed and just knowing there is nowhere you would rather be in that moment as warmth and comfort engulf you.

23. The moment your head hits the pillow and you shut your eyes, your lips making one more little smile before you drift off to sleep.

featured image – Emergency Brake