24 Brutal Truths I Have Learned In My 24 Years Of Existence


1. People are slaves to their own desires. Believe it or not, we are severely influenced by our own feelings. And more often than we’d like to believe, even the most intellectual person will fall victim to their own heart.

2. If you do something, people will talk. And if you do nothing, people will talk. So it’s better to do what makes you happy, because people will always have something to say for just about anything. You don’t owe anyone an explanation if it is something that doesn’t concern them.

3. The most dangerous people are those who can break you without even lifting their hands. Remember that words are more powerful than a physical blow.

4. Traumatic memories stay with you forever. Unconsciously cocooned deep in the bowels of your own mind, waiting for your weakest moments. That’s why we have fears and nightmares and phobias.

5. What doesn’t kill you doesn’t necessarily make you stronger. Sometimes it cripples you.

6. No matter what people say, your past will always be held against you. Because no one really forgets. So be very careful with what you say and who you trust. People tend to remember the one time you screwed up rather than the billion times you did good.

7. This is your one shot in life, make sure you are living it. People die before they are clinically dead. There are zombies everywhere. Don’t be one, we don’t need an apocalypse yet. Don’t wait for death to greet you.

8. Never regret the times when you were happy. Don’t mind the before and after, just treasure the feeling and be proud that you’ve felt it.

9. It is better to break yourself with your own hands rather than let someone else do it. A controlled fall hurts less than free falling. And you only have yourself to blame, so it’s much easier to move on.

10. Broken people are dangerous. It’s like how a broken piece of glass can make someone bleed. Broken people know how to survive, but most of all, they know how to break someone else.

11. You’ll really know someone the moment you say NO to them. Look carefully. That’s the time when you’ll get to decide which friends to keep and which ones to let go.

12. A mother’s love can make you guilty and undeserving. This kind of love is not something you get to experience from other people. And it will make you feel unworthy.

13. Familial relations don’t automatically come with affection. Just because you’re related doesn’t mean you should feel kinship. Sometimes, a relative is more of a stranger than your friends. So no, blood is not always thicker than water.

14. Do not ‘expect’ if you do not handle disappointment well. The higher you get your hopes up, the harder you will fall. But yes, it’s inevitable to expect things in this world, just make sure you can handle the fallout without throwing unnecessary tantrums.

15. Everyone is fighting their own battle. Degrees don’t really matter. What matters most is how well you walked through the fire. Consider this when you’re dealing with difficult people. There’s always a reason, and though it may not be up on your scale, it wouldn’t hurt to be considerate.

16. Never make your hobby your job. Your hobby is your escape from your job. You will need an outlet to de-stress yourself, something to take your mind off of your everyday job.

17. Almost every emotion can be rationalized. Almost. The first thing I do is let myself feel for a moment, to process the emotion and let it consume me for a while. Then I ask myself WHY. I give myself time to contemplate that. Then I argue with myself. It may sound crazy, but it saved me from a lot of unneeded baggage.

18. We all crave validation, in one way or another. In the most general term, this is more of a social validation. The need to feel that we belong, that somewhere out there we can be understood. We crave companionship from people who have the same quirks as us, and this is what created nations and cliques in the first place. No one can stand being alone for a long time.

19. It is no one’s fault that you are born with what you have. However, it’s your call on how you live your life. Don’t let others define who you are. You are more than a name you did not choose, more than anyone’s someone. You are your own person, so be unapologetic about your existence.

20. Guys are much easier to be friends with. Guys have simple minds. I don’t speak for all, but I think I speak for the majority. This is not saying that girls are insensitive, this is about how guys process things without making everything complicated as hell.

21. Losing a beloved dog is like losing a limb. Dogs are loving by nature, therefore, can love you in the most unconditional way. Enough said.

22. Every now and then, you can have your own pity party. Go and waste away for a day. You can tell yourself what you don’t like about your life or drown yourself with the negative feelings. And in the process you’ll learn what you should do next.

23. Don’t ever fully trust anyone. That’s just stupid. You can only trust yourself. Everyone has their own agenda, and they have their own self to think of. No one can really put you first other than yourself.

24. Being a good person is a conscious effort. Remember that ‘good person’ is a relative term. It goes against human nature, you see. You are out there and the world is your oyster, but you have to be considerate first. That itself is a conscious effort on your part. For what it’s worth, ‘good’ is a relative term, and so is ‘evil.’ It all depends on whose eyes you’re seeing from.