Finding Love In December


The wind engulfed my relentless being

I blinked my eyes, deeply breathing

On a park bench, a chilly night of December

Not far from the steady water

I’ve gotten used to the melancholy

Ever since that love has left me

From then on, I’ve learned to cope

In this solemn place that gives me hope

Unlike usual nights when I’m all alone

Such beautiful bright eyes have met my own

How we talked until the peak of night

‘til you were the only thing in sight

A smile that was heavenly-sent –

I haven’t seen in all years I spent

You who spoke of books and coffee

And peculiar likings for sour tape candy

As you asked about my life, absurd

You chuckled for I was devoid of words

Telling me that you have never met –

An intriguing woman as me, yet

It’s as if you were brought by fate

To a lonely heart before ‘twas too late

For a while I found myself in glee

All throughout you being here with me

And soon we had to part our ways

I held onto your piercing gaze

A presence that made me feel alive

Of all those days, I was deprived

It was foolish not to know your name

A moth beguiled by such flame

Some stranger who did not just console

But gave love to a longing soul

So, each night I wait here under the stars

Looking beyond the crowds and cars

I guess I’ll never know when

I’ll find the love I felt with you again