24 Things That Happen Once You Turn 24


1. You get along with and appreciate your parents more than ever. 

Now that you’re a little older and a little wiser, you can appreciate them and get along as adults. Kudos, how mature of you.

2. You hear new music and you’re like “Wait a minute, that’s what they’re listening to nowadays?!”

This is so me right now!!!

3. You’re probably living in your first real ok-ish house.

All your furniture matches now YAY! Major improvement from the kind of Trap House looking pad you had.

4. You now have some ideas as to what kind of drunk you are.

Some people laugh, cry, fight, get tired, or really loving. I’m sure you coined which one you are by now. Now HANDE YOUR SHIT!

5. You get people asking you, “And what do you do?” while you’re there, stuffing your face with the biggest bite you have ever seen.

You respond with something open and easy like “Oh, I’m freelancing and stuff.” There, now you feel important.

6. Everyone starts asking you when you will settle down and have kids. 


7. It’s easier to have a conversation with a 30-year-old than an 18-year-old. 

What do they even talk about these days anyway?

8. You actually want to eat healthily. 

Let’s face it you can’t eat hot pockets for breakfast lunch and dinner.

9. You start to realize that everyone is either getting married or popping out 1000 babies. And you’re still single. 

10. You get offended when nobody IDs you.

No, you don’t look old, well not old-old just old enough.

11. You can’t accept the fact you’re going into your late 20’s so you call it your Early-Mid Twenties.

12. You start forgetting EVERYONE’s name from your high school. 

I guess this is what reunions are for.

13. You don’t spontaneously go out anymore. 

I have to work in the morning, who has the energy to go clubbing?

14. You could care less about anybody else’s opinion.

Because who TF asked them anyway?!

15. You want thought-provoking conversations, reliability, and enlightenment. Not just random nights and gossip. You want to be around people who cause you to and to grow.

16. You thought you would be climbing to the top of your career by now.

Like a real job with dental, vision, and 401k benefits.

17. You start to question everything you have ever done. Like, why did you get that degree? And tell me, why did you do the big chop? And also, why did you date that douche bag?

18. The fact that you’ve made it this far makes you feel great.

Because plenty of your friends are arrested, on probation, or still don’t own a toothbrush go you!

19. You’re mature and irresponsible at the same time.

Your adulting pretty hard, you don’t ask mommy and daddy for everything, yet it’s considered perfectly normal to go out and get pissed on a regular basis, plus you have no other human being to care for, bar yourself. Ideal on so many levels.

20. You learned how to pick and choose the events you actually want to attend.

21. You started to choose to stay in with a glass of wine and Netflix over, well, pretty much anything.

Who really wants to deal with sweaty, drunk, smelly guys all night? Netflix is BAE.

22. You’re probably having the best sex of your life thus far.

Because you both finally know what you’re doing, well sort of.

 23. Your relationship with you becomes a priority. 

You start realizing how crucial it is to get your shit together. You’re cleaning up your credit and spending more time alone reflecting. You even started drinking the green stuff, jogging, and shit.

24. You’re starting to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Puberty is over, that awkward stage is over, YOU’RE SMOKING FUCKING HOT!