The 10 Painful Steps Of Breaking Up With Your Best Friend


Breakups suck, but especially when it’s with the girl you thought was your ride or die…

1. Let it all out and embrace the shitty-ness of the situation, after all, it was a great friendship, right?

You guys were close for a long time it made you feel just like family, understand your feelings, let those feelings out when you listen to music, watch movies and binge watch that show on Netflix.

It’s important you let go of all those negative feelings so you don’t continue to harbor them you’ll only continue to carry this toxic energy that can affect you in a MAJOR WAY if you don’t fix it.

2. Give her side of the story a chance, you owe her that.

The two of you might conclude your both being complete bitches and patch everything up.

3. Resist the urge to fix everything with her in ONE DAY.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t rush to have everything go back to normal. Sometimes people need time. Sometimes you need those few days to cool off. It’s very possible that it’ll all blow over

4. Respectively give your other friends a clue…

It’s totally Ok to let them know “Hey Jamie Doe and I are not in the best space right now, can we hold off on bringing each other up in conversation until we fix things.” not…

5. But do not, I repeat, do not drag them into your beef. 

Don’t unleash all of your feelings and what truly went down between you two with them, that’s unfair to everyone involved. Somehow someway gossip always ends up getting out there especially if it is juicy, dramatic and reputation-ruining. You’ll put them in a position where they feel like they have to choose, so DON’T that’s always awkward for everybody.

6. Take a sabbatical from social media?

Let’s face it I know your profile picture has been the picture of the two of you but I think it’s safe to say it’s time for you to change it. And then you notice how all of your friends invited both of you to an event, or maybe even one of you. Save yourself the awkward conversations and bitter feelings and live your life.

7. Attempt to get closure but don’t overdo it.

One talk or 5 can give you that extra push you needed to just put everything in the past.

8. Appreciate the people you do still have and try and make those friendships a little stronger.

After all, they have been there also, they have put up with you when you were crying, drunk, and broken even if it was just by making breakfast or sharing that tub of ice cream. There just might be someone in your circle who is best friend material and also happens to be your soul sister. You’ll never know if you don’t try and hang out more.

I mean think about it sit and really think about how compassionate and open you are, it’s totally Ok to have some more friends who are similar in that department.

9. Remember that life goes on.

Doesn’t matter what happens time stops for no one. It’s not the end of things and you still have quite a bit of time ahead of you. Every friend will not work out and that’s completely Ok. People come into your life for seasons for reasons.

10. So accept that and let go if you have to.

There are a billion people on this earth. One day you will meet a group of people who get that weird dark dry humor you love or at least won’t make you feel weird for it. In time, you’ll find someone who loves the office, Rick and Morty, and sarcasm just as much as you do.

Grow through it don’t go through it.