25 Signs You Were Cool In The 90s


1. All Your Friends Came Over To Your House To Watch MTV Rock N Jock.


2. Your Super Soaker Held More Water Than The Dasani Bottling Factory.


3. Your Discman Had At Least 30 Seconds Of Skip Protection.


4. You Got Into An Extreme Sport After Watching Rocket Power.


5. You Could Find Waldo In Like 5 Seconds.


6. You Didn’t Do Drugs Because The Ninja Turtles Told You Not To Do Drugs.


7. You Saw The Leonardo DiCaprio/Claire Danes Version Of Romeo + Juliet In The Theater.


8. If You Didn’t Have Time To Fix Your Hair It Wasn’t A Problem Because Of Butterfly Clips And Scrunchies.


9. Kris Kross Convinced You To Wear Your Clothes Backwards Even If It Was Horribly Uncomfortable.


10. You Didn’t Have A Trapper Keeper Unless It Was Approved By Lisa Frank.


11. You Wore A Hypercolor Shirt On School Picture Day.


12. After You Saw Dee Brown Win The Slam Dunk Contest You Immediately Bought A Pair Of Pumps.


13. You Knew Where Every Flute Was On Super Mario Bros 3 Before Any Of Your Friends.


14. The School May Have Banned Your Slap Bracelets But They’ll Never Touch Your Doc Martens.


15. Tamagotchi Wasn’t Just A Game, It Was A Responsibility.


16. Even If You Ate A Cafeteria Lunch, You Brought A Pack Of Dunkaroos With You.


17. Your POG Game Was Strong.


18. When Your Parents Went To Sleep, You And Your Friends Decided To Watch Candyman In The Basement.


19. You Used L.A. Looks To Get That Perfect Beach Hair, Whatever That Means.


20. You Were Allowed To Watch Dawson’s Creek. Whatever, It’s No Big Deal.


21. Your Caboodle Was So Big You Could Fit Another Caboodle Inside Of It.


22. You And Your Friends All Decided Which Spice Girl Each Of You Would Be.


23.The Refrigerator Was Always Stocked With Kool-Aid Bursts, Squeezit, And Fruitopia.


24. When You Went On Trips You Had Your Own Disposable Camera.


25. You Knew All The World To The Fresh Prince Theme Song.