26 Definitive Signs That You’re Finally An Adult


Like a caterpillar who emerged with wings, you’re a fucking adult! Here’s how you know:

1. You created a weekly budget and follow through with it each week.

2. You say no to things you’d ordinarily just charge to a credit card because it’s more important to get your balance down.

3. You can look at people for who they are and not take everything they say or do as a personal attack on you.

4. You don’t have to lean on anyone else to feel confident that you’re making a good decision.

5. You recognize that pleasing someone else isn’t as important as pleasing yourself.

6. You have a general idea of what you want in your immediate future.

7. You spend less time on social media.

8. You’d rather indulge in memorable experiences than buy material things.

9. You wish you had more time to read.

10. You have a significantly earlier bedtime.

11. You’ve outgrown the bar scene.

12. You realize that not everything you feel deserves its own Instagram post.

13. You’ve come to terms with friendships that have ended.

14. You no longer feel like you’re wrong for not hanging out with people you don’t like.

15. You can articulate your five-year plan in a job interview.

16. You’re more productive in the mornings than after work.

17. You don’t need social media validation.

18. You’ve become more confident dressing the way you want to.

19. You’re not as easily rattled when you find out someone doesn’t like you.

20. You have more confidence.

21. You drive safer.

22. You can pay for your own vacations.

23. You can make your own informed decisions about politics and no longer believe that your vote doesn’t matter.

24. You have your own set of convictions.

25. You’re not worried about hurting someone else’s feelings if that wasn’t your intent.

26. You’ve accepted yourself for who you are, regardless of what you look like, believe in or enjoy. You treasure your uniqueness.