This Is What People May Not Understand About A Journey Of Self-Love


Providing yourself with a love that only you can give is not always an easy task. The path towards self-love is often rocky or slippery for time is self-love’s greatest enemy. As you finally attained the self-love that you had been longing for, you are also finally giving yourself peace and serenity. You now possess the strength to let go of the past and face the challenges that will come your way. Each passing day I recognize that you have grown stronger than you were yesterday. As you continue to love yourself, some days will be harder than others. Here are things that people may not realize you’re doing because you are on a journey of self-love.

Putting yourself first

Putting yourself first is one a main ingredient of self-love. You recognize this as you continue loving yourself, but you have always been kind and helpful to others; that is why you still struggle when it comes to putting yourself first. Therefore, when people ask you for a favor instead of saying no instantly, you tend to say, “you’ll think about it” or make a valid excuse. Because you don’t want them to believe that you are always saying no to them and you end up apologizing for not being available for them. Even so, you know that even though you want to help them, you also need to look out for yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.


Even though you have admitted that you are flawed, you still feel insecure at times. You even find yourself comparing what you have with other people wishing that you were in their shoes. You probably annoyed your best friend already because you continue on asking if you look good in your outfit or if your skirt makes you look fat. Even though you know that not everyone can be perfect or nearly perfect, you sometimes still feel a little self-conscious. Still, it would be best if you keep reminding yourself that each of us is beautiful in our unique way.

Being kind to yourself

As you continue to love yourself, you are also teaching yourself to let go of the past little by little. Nevertheless, some days, when your emotion takes over you, you tend to overthink about the mistakes that you did in the past, and it brings you sadness. You have lived with the fact that the past is in the past and that it shouldn’t affect your present nor future. Still, there are days when you feel like the past is coming back to you like an unexpected crash of waves, and you can’t help but think things over. Your friends might think that you are unable to move on from the past, but the truth is that you have. Yet, when emotions take over you, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the mistakes you had made brought pain to you and others. Yet, it would help if you were kind to yourself, and you know that. So please let this be a reminder to you that your past doesn’t determine your present nor your future.

Concentrating on the things you want to do

As you continue moving forward, you know what you want and what you need. You don’t consume your time and energy for the things that don’t matter to you. Even so, there are days where your head is not in the game. That makes you postponed trips or push deadlines, whether for study or personal activities. People around you might think that you are procrastinating and feeling lazy. Even so, you know that you are just having one of those days where you can’t find your focus and that it will get back to you. Being on top of everything is not always an easy task. As you continue to love yourself, you are also learning how to handle your time and making sure that you are responsible enough not to waste it. However, there will be days that you can’t focus on the task, and that’s okay.

Self-love is the most tedious (yet fulfilling) challenge we’ll ever face, and it doesn’t occur overnight. Self-love is one of the best things that you can give yourself and as you go on loving yourself, people might not understand you or see your struggles, and that’s okay. Take your time to love yourself, because little by little, the love you are giving yourself will benefit you, everyone around you, and anyone who is yet to be a part of your life.