26 Things That Aren’t Worth Getting Upset About


Let me preface this by stating that I am guilty of all of these at one point or another — let’s try our best to work through them as a team of love and support.

1. When you meet someone at a house party and you realize that they are several years younger than you and doing something really amazing with their lives.

2. A date where someone you weren’t even that into doesn’t call you back afterwards. (The feeling of hurt pride can often be confused for actual disappointment, but they are very different things.)

3. When you realize that someone has done something — like an art project or a video or an article — before you thought to do it yourself.

4. When the new iPhone you had been waiting for sells out before you’re able to get one on the first day.

5. When the complementary WiFi being offered by the coffee shop or airport or whatever isn’t working for a minute or two and you can’t connect to your email.

6. When something that you intentionally didn’t spend a lot of money on breaks on you. (Let those Forever 21 dresses go — let them go.)

7. Someone showing up to a party or social event wearing the same thing as you.

8. When your favorite terrible reality show gets cancelled. (This is a blessing in disguise and you know it.)

9. When someone spells your name wrong on the Starbucks cup.

10. When you go into a public bathroom (which you are desperately in need of) and it smells all poopy and gross.

11. When someone doesn’t respond to your text immediately, and you feel that they should have dropped everything to get back to you.

12. Turning on the radio and hearing the very last seconds of your favorite song.

13. Walking into a party and realizing that you know almost no one there — worst comes to worst, you’ll have to maybe make a few new friends.

14. Thinking you’re getting chewy Spree and biting down, only to realize that they are indeed the far inferior “original” version.

15. Hearing someone’s cellphone go off briefly during a movie and watching them embarrassingly turn it off as quickly as possible and mouthing “I’m sorry” around them. It happens to the best of us, and it’s only worth really getting angry if they’re an unrepentant asshole about it.

16. Not having as cool a cellphone as everyone else around you when you take it out.

17. Feeling like you look like a total idiot when you get out on the dance floor and dance along with everyone else. (Spoiler alert: we all look like idiots.)

18. Having an awkward kiss on a first date because you’re both so nervous and excited for it to happen.

19. When you meet someone at a house party and you realize that they are several years younger than you and doing something really amazing with their lives. (And when you figure out how to not let this get to you, please let me know. I know it’s not worth it but god damn.)

20. Fender benders where no one was hurt and both of you were a bit at fault.

21. A baby crying in a coffee shop or restaurant (provided that their parents deal with it reasonably and take it outside to calm down a bit if they don’t stop).

22. Couples kissing in the corner booth. (Even if they look somewhat silly.)

23. Your best friend dating someone while you are still single — if they are a good person and treat them well, there is really not much more you can ask for for them.

24. Seeing idiotic couples write embarrassing things on each other’s Facebook walls.

25. Tripping in front of people on public transportation or while walking down the street, and feeling the incredible wave of shame/resentment when they all turn around to face you and make a big stink about finding out if you’re okay.

26. Your ex having the nerve to show up at the same party and breathe the same air as you. That asshole.

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