Is ‘Toy Story 4’ Pretty Much Confirmed For 2015?


Drop everything! There’s a snake in my boot!

Just kidding. But there might be a ‘Toy Story 4!’ So Pixar has given out details regarding two new Pixar films in 2016, but one “unnamed” film in 2015 has been shrouded in secrecy. Turns out this might be because there is another ‘Toy Story’ movie in the works!

Why else would they be keeping all info about what that movie will be a big secret? But also, a bunch of websites are reporting that Disney has confirmed a ‘Toy Story 4.’ So even though it seemed like the series had been wrapped up with the emotional and moving ‘Toy Story 3,’ this won’t be the last we see of Woody and Buzz.

I’m torn. The third installment was amazing, Pixar’s most successful film and garnered them an Oscar nod, but they really did a great job tying up all loose ends. Do we need a fourth ‘Toy Story’ movie? The plot seems like it’ll be about the toys following Andy to university, but I think he gave them a wonderful new home with a kid who loves them at the end of the third movie? Is Disney just looking to continue cashing in?

According to Screen Crush:

Of course, this has not been confirmed by Disney on our shore, nor anywhere else as far as we can see, so don’t mark it on your calendar just yet. However, it’s already been clear that Disney isn’t retiring the characters anytime soon: last year they issued the short ‘Partysaurus Rex’ and are prepping a Halloween special titled ‘Toy Story of Terror’. And Pixar is working on two half-hour ‘Toy Story’ specials that would air on ABC in the next two years. Are these just warm-ups for a (some would say inevitable) ‘Toy Story 4?’

Do we want another ‘Toy Story?’ As excited as I’d be to see the characters again, why mess with that perfect, tear-jerking conclusion? Andy is supposed to be a kid, and we left him heading toward adulthood. Do we need to see more?

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