28 Thoughts Every Woman Has Had When Going To The Gym


1. I really need to work out today.

2. No that sounds like SO much work.

3. *sees cute tiny girl on the street* OMG I will never look like that. It’s happening. I’m going.

4. At least I have all of these cute workout clothes to wear (that I never actually wear for working out).

5. Maybe no one will notice me sweating my ass off if my outfit is cute.

6. LOL no. Those bitches at the gym don’t even sweat.

7. HOW?!

8. I don’t wanna do it.

9. I hate this.

10. *pulls sneakers out of the back of the closet*

11. Good thing I invested in these neon Nike’s that I never wear.


13. Ugh but there is a Sex in the City marathon on…

14. NO. I ate an entire pizza for dinner last night. This is necessary.

15. But I hate it when it feels like everyone is starring at my fat jiggling…

16. Beyoncé has real thighs, and let’s be honest that is the goal.

17. But Beyoncé’s thighs also don’t jiggle when she twerks.

18. Remember to Google how to twerk like Beyoncé.

19. Okay I’ll just go for a run so people won’t see me.

20. Maybe this won’t be so bad.

21. *starts running*

22. Yea it’s that bad.

23. Shit this sucks.

24. I hate this.


26. I’m out. I can’t. Pain.

27. At least I tried.

28. Hello, Netflix. <3