Why I Left You For Someone Else


I left you for someone else because I was unhappy. Because, deep down, I knew we had nothing in common. It was so easy to walk right out the door. It was so easy to pretend I didn’t care about you in the first place.

But then I realized I was just trying to run away from my feelings by getting in someone else’s bed. I decided to run as fast as I could until I couldn’t run any more. Because that was easier than facing our problems.

I left you because he smiled at me. Because he pulled my chair out, complimented me, introduced me to his friends- and I felt special again. I left you because I didn’t feel special anymore.

I left you because my career was more important to me than us.

I left you because I didn’t want to fight for us anymore. Because a stranger in a bar had less baggage than you and I had, because he was a shadow or a temporary imprint that could never overlap the hold you had on my heart. And that was easier.

I left you because I was sick of not growing. I was sick of staying in the same place. Because my branches were reaching in every direction, and yours weren’t getting enough water. I left you because I wanted to see new sunsets, meet new people, breathe new air, FEEL something other than what you were giving me.

But most of all, I left you so that both of us could be happier. And I don’t regret it.