3 Lies People Will Tell You Under The Guise Of “Being Practical”


1. It’s all about making a good living and passion never earned a paycheck

Every time we talk about career paths, money has always been a factor. And there’s nothing wrong with that but making it as your primary goal that’s another thing. Can’t we be able to earn a decent amount of money at the same time enjoy what we’re doing? In fact, according to studies it shows that you will be far happier, far more successful and make far more money if you are passionate with what you’re doing. Truth is, if you are passionate about something chances are you’ll excel at that field, if you hate doing something you’ll probably never be good at it. And doubtless, if you’re brilliant at what you’re doing you’ll certainly earn the respect and the check you deserve. Because no matter how vindictive this world may seem, they definitely recognize an astute mind.

2. Secure a job, earn a decent amount of money and then you could pursue your passion

This is usually what our parents tell us, and indeed it’s pretty manipulating. It even sounds like a logical approach. However, in reality this hardly ever happen because rationally speaking it’s not that easy to extract yourself from a stable “practical” job. Once you’re up there, the next thing you know you’re already locked tight by the golden handcuffs. So usually the scenario goes “we become acquainted with our established career that we set aside our passion. Then one day, wake up just to realize it’s too late.”

3. Lastly, Practicality is the way to go; pursuit for passion comes with a risk

But even crossing the road comes with a risk. And yet people still do it. What practicality offers is false security. Practical is not synonymous to success. Life seldom tells us is that there is a fair shot in everything. Even the most practical thing to do can lead to failure. So you might as well fail doing something you love.

Like what Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) once said, and I quote “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” Life is too short to settle for less than passionate.