Read This If You Don’t Have A Passion In Life


There is a particular form of panic that sets in when everyone around you seems to know what his or her passion in life is, whilst you on the other hand can’t even define what passion is.

Not knowing what ignites your heart, what compels your emotion and what puts you on full rage can be very frustrating. There will be times that you’ll feel like an empty shell, with nothing inside, hollow and dead. Days where you’ll feel like a puppet on a string waiting to be manipulated by society and completely at the mercy of the outside world. And once you’re caught up in that flatline it’s hard to escape. Until you’re drowned deep into the lies, left stagnant a pool of green slime.

Every moment you spend doing something you think is the most practical thing to do, and not because it’s what you want to do, is a moment of waste, a time taken away from yourself. That sort of life is not worth living. We don’t breathe merely to exist. You are meant to thrive and not just survive. Don’t let stereotypes define you. Don’t be hindered by the perspective and opinion of others. Remember, this is about YOU! The life you choose to create is all up to you. Don’t let these variables sap the life out of you, don’t let your soul perish on a brink that you stop hunting for what you are truly passionate about.

If at this point of your life you don’t feel passionate about anything, IT’S OKAY! There is no rule that states “You have to be passionate about something in order to have an incredible life.”

And what I keep emphasizing, your life, your rules. Create a life on your own terms. If you’re not there yet, it’s okay. But never settle on a routinary life of sleep-work-sleep existence. You are a self-evolving human being, with the capacity to mature and flourish. Don’t lead a life of mediocrity.

And for those who have found their passion, don’t let society kill that buzz in you. Don’t take the conventional road, don’t settle for secured choices; what practicality offers is false security. Remember, life is too short to settle for less than passionate. Please, never stop hounding your passion. By pursuing your passion, you are living your purpose.

There will be those of us who will spend many years trying to figure out what we’re passionate about, only to find out in the end we have so many. Rather than “passion” being our guide in what path to take, mountains to conquer, career to choose it becomes a menace.

So instead of waiting to stumble across your passion, go after things that make you come alive. It might be surfing today, mountain climbing the next day, or writing the next week. It doesn’t matter as long as it ignites your soul, do it because you can’t help it. Remember you are a wildfire, you are not meant to be tamed. Every element of your being is unique and eccentric. Passionate or passion-less, you are more than the sum of those things.